All kinds of problems with a manicure. Six details that the manicurist cannot ignore!Broadcast

Six details that the manicurist cannot ignore!Broadcast


Many manicurists will inevitably ignore some details to hurry up in the operation process. However, these details often lead to various nail problems.

In this issue, will take you to talk about six details that cannot be ignored in the nail art operation process!

1. tools are not disinfected.

Manicure tools are numerous and miscellaneous. Sometimes the manicurist may forget the step of disinfection when busy, which leads to the growth of bacteria and cross infection of hands.

Correct Method: Prepare 75-degree alcohol, pour it into the container, put the tools into it, soak for 20 minutes, rub the strips and remember to spray and disinfect with 75-degree alcohol, then wipe it with a paper towel, and put it into the ultraviolet disinfection cabinet for secondary disinfection. Remember to do it every day!

2. engraving is not in place

The regular nail surface will have a layer of grease to protect the nail surface. Many manicurists apply primer without grinding or polishing the nail surface to save time. The nail art thus made is easy to fall off.

Correct method: rub the thick side with a sponge to polish the nail surface until no bright spot is visible, and then clean up the dust on the nail surface. The function of polishing is to increase the adhesion of the primer and maintain lasting nail art. Note: Clean up after engraving. Otherwise, particles will appear in the nail gum oil.

3. forgot to trim dead skin

Correct approach:

  • First, soften dead skin with softener.
  • Push it up with steel.
  • Repair it with quiet skin shears.

4. without edging

Many customers responded that the fingertip position rose and fell because the wrapping was not appropriately handled.

Correct Method:

  • Scrape off the excess glue on the brush before the operation.
  • Wrap the whole nail front edge.
  • Take a look from the side after wrapping.

The nail’s front edge is flat and has no glue pile; beautiful and firm.

5. nail polish is too thick

Many manicurists pursue molding again; Acrylic powder is applied too thick, which will lead to an uneven nail surface.

Correct Method:

  • Scrape the extra powder above the Acrylic powder.
  • Apply the fingertips first.
  • Wrap the edges.
  • Gently push the brush back into the fan shape at the middle position.
  • Bring it down from both sides.
  • Gently pull the brush head down.
  • Operate it again in the same step.

6. lamp time insufficient

Many people do nail art because they do not know the time of the lamp, they will touch it with their hands after the light, and the results show that the nail surface is slightly sticky. The base glue, color glue, and reinforced bond will produce floating glue after the lamp. The floating glue is to better adhere to the subsequent glue.

Correct method: Take a 48w phototherapy lamp as the standard; the lamp time of the primer is 30 seconds, the reinforcement glue is 60 seconds, the color glue is 60 seconds, and the sealing layer is 90 seconds.

With so much knowledge about nail art, do you want to give it a try? Don’t worry; follow the following steps, let’s try it out!

Step 1: First, apply a layer of softener on the dead skin at the nail’s root, then gently massage it with a slight steel push to remove the dead skin, and then erase and trim it with a cotton sheet. (Note: Don’t over-trim when a novice operates!)

Step 2: Use the shape modification strip to correct the, and then use the rough surface thrown by the sponge to polish the surface horizontally. (Note: Nail roots and sides should also be polished.)

Step 3: Take a small amount of Acrylic powder and brush it on the nail surface several times with a brush to make the primer more conformable with the nail surface. The nail edge is completely wrapped, and the lamp 30 is enough.

Step 4: If the nail is thin and soft or the nail surface is concave and convex, apply a layer of reinforcing glue after the primer, and the lamp will be used for 60 seconds to increase the support force of the nail, and then apply the color.

Step 5:

  • Apply the color glue twice.
  • Apply the lamp for 60 seconds the first time.
  • Apply it the second time for 60 seconds.

Step 6: Seal coat, coat the whole nail with a washing-free seal coat, and the lamp will be completed in 60 seconds!

Details determine success or failure. What tests people most is the simplest thing. The most error-prone thing is also the simplest thing. Pay attention to every detail and do every work into fine work!

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