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Eco- Friendly Solvent Resistant Glitter Powder

Eco-Friendly Solvent Resistant Glitter Powder

Nail polish is a widely used cosmetic that adds color and protection to fingernails and toenails. It is typically made up of solid ingredients, such as pigments and flashing substances, and liquid solvent ingredients, such as acetone, ethyl acetate, and phthalates. There are many types of nail polish, including bright polish, pearl polish, fog polish, sequin polish, velvet nail polish, and temperature-change nail polish. Among these, glitter nail polish is particularly popular due to its shimmering effect, which is achieved through the use of glitter powder in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. However, traditional glitter can be prone to discoloration due to the solvent used in nail polish. Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality solvent-resistant glitter.

Methyl Ethyl ketone (MEK) is a strong solvent that is often used to test the long-term solvent resistance of glitter. If a colored glitter can be soaked in MEK for about 5 minutes without bleeding color into the MEK, it is considered to have passed the test.

High-Quality Glitter

The glitter powder industry has grown significantly in recent years, and glitter is now used in a variety of fields. There are many types, colors, and specifications of glitter available on the market, so it can be difficult to determine the quality of a particular product. Here are some indicators of high-quality glitter:

  1. High brightness: high-quality glitter should have good brightness and a strong metallic feel, with an obvious mirror effect.
  2. Good regular shape: high-quality glitter powder should be smooth and loose, with a fine sand-like appearance that does not clump together when used.
  3. Strong acid and alkali resistance: high-quality glitter should be able to withstand being soaked in strong acid and alkali liquids for an extended period of time without losing its bright color. One standard test is to soak the glitter in banana oil for one hour to check for color fastness.
  4. High-temperature resistance: top-quality glitter should be able to withstand high temperatures without fading or changing color. This test is often used for glitter gels and glitter nail polish.

“GalGlitter” glitter is of high quality, with good color fastness, a strong luster, high transparency, and the ability to withstand washing and solvents. It does not stick to the hands, has good antioxidant properties, and does not easily change color or clog screens. It is also easy to use and provides high-quality service to our partners.

PET Top Quality Glitter

  1. Eco-Friendly

PET glitter is made from polyester film (PET film), which is an eco-friendly material. After undergoing plating, coating, slitting, and cutting processes, it is safe and non-toxic, and has replaced toxic PVC glitter powder in the market. GalGlitter sources its raw materials from countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, and complies with European and US environmental protection standards for added eco-friendliness.

  1. Heat resistance

Traditional PVC glitter is not temperature resistant and can only withstand temperatures up to 60°C. On the other hand, common quality PET glitter has a temperature tolerance of up to 150°C to 160°C. GalGlitter’s basic PET glitter has a heat resistance of 180°C, and can easily reach 190°C through special production processes. GalGlitter has also released the more advanced “T+” series of glitter, which has a temperature resistance of up to 230°C and can be used in injection molding applications.

  1. Acid and alkaline resistance

Ordinary quality PET glitter powder has poor acid and alkaline resistance due to its low-temperature resistance during the production process. However, GalGlitter’s PET glitter has good acid and alkaline resistance and can withstand being soaked in strong acid and alkali liquids for an extended period of time without losing its bright color. One standard test is to soak the glitter in banana oil for one hour to check for color fastness.

GalGlitter Glitter Quality

GalGlitter’s eco-friendly solvent-resistant series of glitter has been used in countless cosmetic products and has proven its quality over the years. It is made of eco-friendly, antimony-free materials and is suitable for use with strong corrosive acid and alkali solvents. It also ensures that the surface color of the glitter will not migrate, yellow, or fade during long-term soaking and processing. In the nail polish series, it can keep its color beautiful for more than two years.

Product Main Features

  • High-temperature resistance of 175°C and excellent solvent resistance, with no change in butanone or mixed solvents at an indoor temperature of 25°C for 15 days.
  • Unique brilliance, low specific gravity, and a small additional amount of about 2g/15ml.
  • Very good resistance in aqueous systems and UV radiation.
  • Precise cutting, no continuous particle chains, and no impurities or debris.

GalGlitter focuses on lean production and product innovation, and continues to invest in new materials, processes, and technologies to develop newer and better products based on market trends.


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