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2023 simple glitter makeup wholesale in China

Simple glitter makeup has the following types:

Simple glitter makeup refers to cosmetics that contain glitter particles to achieve a partial sparkle effect. There are mainly Yunzhu simple glitter makeup, Jingcheng simple glitter makeup, Yanzhuang simple glitter makeup, Yaodesheng simple glitter makeup, etc.

Simple glitter makeup
Simple glitter makeup

simple glitter makeup wholesale Manufacturer

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Yunzhu simple glitter makeup:

Yunzhu brand monochromatic eye shadow has several colors, including glitter powder, this glitter powder presents a lavender color, can be used to brighten the eyes or draw lying silkworms, apply a small amount of multiple layers Very natural, not harsh.

Jingcheng simple glitter makeup

Jingcheng brand monochromatic eye shadows also have several colors, including glitter powder, which is light pink, very suitable for brightening the eyes, and can create the effect of innocent eye makeup.

Yan Zhuang simple glitter makeup:

Yan Zhuang brand monochromatic eye shadows are rich and varied, including glitter powder, which is light yellow in color and is very suitable for brightening the eyes, making eye makeup brighter and more energetic.

Yaodesheng simple glitter makeup

The monochromatic eye shadow of Yaodesheng brand is also very rich in color, and there is also glitter powder in it. This glitter powder presents a light blue color, which is very suitable for brightening the eyes and making the eye makeup more fresh moving.

Here’s how to use the simple glitter makeup:

  1. Sprinkle glitter over the undried base color and let dry.
  2. Apply a layer of reinforcing glue or phototherapy glue.
  3. After drying, polish until the nail surface is flat, and then seal it.
  4. Common glitter powder can be applied, and the shiny effect is UPUP.

You can choose different colors of glitter powder according to your preferences and needs. I hope the above information is helpful to you.