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Biodegradable cosmetic glitters bulk wholesale manufacturers in 2023

Manufacturers of biodegradable cosmetic glitters bulk include sBASF, Jinfa, Hengsmy, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, Dow Chemical and Shin-Etsu Chemical. Etsu) and so on. These companies mainly produce different types and specifications of biodegradable glitter powder to meet the needs of different markets and application fields. For example, the Neo LCS light diffuser series produced by Dow Chemical has excellent weather resistance and chemical stability, and is widely used in various coatings and inks.

biodegradable cosmetic glitter
biodegradable cosmetic glitters bulk

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What is biodegradable cosmetic glitter?

biodegradable cosmetic glitter is a luminescent material made of degradable thin film, which is widely used in various applications such as biodegradable plastics, pigments and lubricants due to its unique chemical and physical properties. It is also known as “biodegradable cellulose glitter” due to its use in the food industry.

This glitter powder is mainly composed of cellulose and starch, which are easily degraded in the natural environment. During the manufacturing process, they are shaped into thin films, which are then heat-treated to make them tough and durable. The material is highly reflective and glittery, so it is used in a wide variety of goods and services.

However, unlike traditional plastics, biodegradable glitter does not persist for long under normal atmospheric and soil conditions. However, they can be broken down by microorganisms, a process that takes about 100 days. This means that when using such materials, their degradation time and post-breakdown disposal methods need to be considered to ensure that they do not cause long-term negative environmental effects.

Therefore, when using biodegradable glitter, attention needs to be paid to its degradation time and disposal method to ensure that they do not cause long-term negative impact on the environment. In addition, researchers are developing new biodegradable materials to replace traditional plastic materials, which will help reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable development