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Glitter powder makeup manufacturers in China

what is the Glitter powder makeup?

Glitter powder makeup is a make-up cosmetic containing glitter particles, and its function is to bring luster to the skin and increase the brightness of the skin. These glitter particles can be diamond powder, mica powder, microcrystalline stone, etc. These particles can refract light and make the skin look more radiant and elastic.

In addition, glitter powder makeup is also used in many beauty items, such as eye shadow, lip gloss, liquid foundation and so on. In eye shadow, glitter powder can be used to create a brighter and layered eye makeup effect, especially the use of eye sockets can make eye makeup more deep and three-dimensional. In lip gloss, glitter powder can be used to create a more shiny and eye-catching lip makeup effect. In liquid foundation, glitter powder can be used to brighten the complexion, making the skin look smoother, even and radiant.

All in all, glitter powder makeup is a very useful cosmetic that can be used to create a variety of different makeup effects to make the skin look more beautiful and radiant.

glitter powder makeup

glitter powder makeup manufacturers

There are many factories that produce glitter powder makeup, among which the well-known ones are Yiwu Liku Crafts Co., Ltd., Jinhua Jianing Toys Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongyang Glitter Powder Factory, etc.

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  • Yiwu Liku Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production of glitter powder and other glitter powder products. Its products are widely used in cosmetics, jewelry, handicrafts and other fields. The company has a complete production line and advanced production equipment, the production process is strictly in accordance with the quality control standards, and the product quality has been widely recognized.
  • Jinhua Jianing Toys Co., Ltd. mainly produces glitter powder products such as glitter powder. The company has its own production plant and R&D center, and the product quality has been well received by customers.
  • Zhejiang Dongyang Glitter Powder Factory is a factory specializing in the production of glitter powder and other glitter powder products. The company has many years of production experience and a professional technical team. The product quality has been trusted and praised by customers.

In addition to the above three factories, there are many other manufacturers of glitter powder cosmetics. If you need to buy or customize glitter powder cosmetics, you can first understand the market conditions and product quality, and then choose a manufacturer with good reputation and reliable quality for cooperation.