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Guidance for Using and Cleaning Glitter


Glitter is a great idea for decorative material, but it can be difficult to clean up when it spreads everywhere. In this guide, we provide some suggestions to make your cleaning process easier and also provide tips for using glitter for decoration.

Cleaning Up Glitter

  1. Use tape: If you see glitter on surfaces or floors, an effective way to use tape is to remove glitter. Wrap tape around your hand, sticky-side out and gently press it onto the glitter to pick it up easily.
  2. Use a handheld vacuum: Use a small attachment that can also be used to suck up glitter from crevices or corners.
  3. Use a damp cloth: If you discover glitter on a hard surface, you can dampen a cloth or paper towel and gently wipe up the glitter, be careful not to press it too hard because it may spread around.
  4. Use a lint roller: Roll over the glitter to pick it up.
  5. Use a Broom and Dustpan: Mop the glitter into a dustpan and dispose of it in the trash. Clean up glitter as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading and getting into hard-to-reach places.

Using Glitter for Decoration

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If you are planning to use glitter for decoration, there are some suggestions to help you get the best results.

  1. Use a Base Color: Adding a base color to your project before applying glitter can improve the shine and glam of the glitter. Select a color that fills out the glitter and creates it stand out.
  2. Use a Glitter Primer: If you’re planning with loose glitter or glitter that doesn’t already have an adhesive, consider using a glitter primer. It will help the glitter stick to your project and prevent any fallout.
  3. Use a Sponge Applicator: Using a sponge applicator can also help you to prevent the quantity of glitter that you apply and prevent it from fallout. It is essential to use a light hand and gather the glitter in layers to get the desired effect.
  4. Work in Sections: Working in small areas while applying glitter to a huge project can help you to apply the glitter properly and avoid slogging and unstable applications.
  5. Use a Sealer: After applying the glitter, use a neat and clean sealer to close it up and prevent the glitter from rubbing off or flaking. It will help your project last longer and maintain its sparkle and shine.


Using glitter can be a pleasant creative way to put some shine to your life, but it can also be messy. Keeping in mind these tips and experimenting with various methods, you can create gorgeous and shiny projects using glitter. Remember to have enjoyment and let your creativity shine. Admire the beauty of glitter and its potential to enhance the aesthetics of different objects. There are eco-friendly options available, like biodegradable glitter, which can be a more sustainable choice. For more information, please follow galglitter: https://galglitter.com/


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