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How do you put glitter on your face for festivals?

Here’s how to put glitter on your face during the festive season:

festival glitter makeup
  1. Get a soft brush and sprinkle the glitter on the brush.
  2. Slowly work the glitter all over the face, starting at the outer corners of the eyes and working your way up, finishing around the nose and around the chin.
  3. There are also many ways to apply glitter. You can apply it according to your own preferences, or according to your face shape. For example, you can use a darker color on a round face, and a lighter color on an apple face. , On a long face, you can apply a darker color, which can make the face look more three-dimensional.
  4. When applying glitter powder, try to avoid leaving too many traces on the face. You can use a soft brush or cotton swab to smooth the glitter powder and make the glitter powder more even.
  5. Finally, after applying the glitter, you can use liquid foundation or powder to blend the glitter into the skin, making the face look more natural and radiant.

In short, the use of glitter can make the face look brighter and more shiny, but be careful not to leave marks when applying it, and use liquid foundation or powder to blend the glitter into the skin to make the face look brighter. More natural and more radiant.

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