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How to use glitter nail polish

Glitter nail polish is one of the most stylish ways to wear it. It is top-treating fashion. Because glitter adds sparkle and charm to your life, suppose you don’t want the glitter nail polish, so you can apply loose glitter over regular nail polish. The benefit of doing things this way is that you can choose between traditional and gel polish.

Manicure of glitter

For any nail look to look best, it is essential to start with the proper manicure. It means removing any residual polish, including a fingernail clipper, toenail clipper, full-size cuticle nipper, mini cuticle nipper, nail buffer, dual-sided file, and a double-ended steel pushy and nail cleanser. In other words: It has everything you need to make your nails look dramatic.

Steps on how to use glitter in your regular nail polish.

glitter nail

Following are some steps for using regular nail polish

  1. Clean, trim, and shape your nails.

The first thing is you need to wipe your nails down with nail polish remover. It will help eliminate old nail polish, dirt, and oils. Then trim your nails down with clippers, and shape your nails with a file.

2.Apply a base coat and base color.

After cleaning, trimming, and shaping your nail, begin your glitter nail art journey with a layer of base coat. Apply a thin layer of base coat to your nails, and let them dry. Follow up with a single coat of your desired nail polish on each nail. However, it would be best if you waited for the nail polish to dry before continuing. Your nail polish can be flat, matte, and iridescent, but it must match the glitter with the nail polish that you will use.

glitter nail
  1. Apply a second coat. Apply another coat of nail polish to your first nail. Do not do the other nails just yet. It would be best if you had the nail polish to be wet for the next step to work. If you paint all of the nails now, the polish will dry, and the glitter won’t stick to your nails.
  2. Shake some glitter.

Shake some glitter powder onto your nail. Tilt your nail around as you shake the glitter onto it so that it gets evenly coated. Work over a sheet of paper to catch the excess glitter that falls off your nail. You can use nail art glitter, as well as cosmetic-glitter, or even crafting glitter on your nails. If you are using crafting glitter, then you should use the finest grain you can find.

  1. Tap the excess glitter off.

Tap the excess glitter off and let the nail polish dry. Twist your hand so that your nail is facing the paper. Gently tap your finger with your other finger. This will knock off any loose glitter. Next, flip your finger back over and wait for your nail to dry. This can take a few minutes so that you can move on to your other nails at this point.

  1. Repeat the process.

Repeat the same process for your other nails. Work one nail at a time. Apply a thin coat of nail polish, then shake on the glitter. Tap the extra glitter off, then move on to the next nail. Make sure all your nails are dry before moving on to the next step.

  1. Gently brush the excess glitter off.

Gently brush the excess glitter off with a soft brush once your nail polish is dry. Run a soft eyeshadow brush over each nail, starting at the nail bed and finishing past the tip. This will knock off any excess bits of glitter that did not stick and give you a smoother finish.

  1. Apply second layers of coat.

Apply a second layer of clear top coat and allow each to dry in between. Apply a thin layer of the clear top nail into each nail. Wait for the top coat to dry, then apply a second layer to each nail. Allow that layer to dry as well.

  1. Wipe your nails with gel cleanser.

Glitter nail polish is usually still tacky after you finish curing them. You can fix this by wiping the nails with a cotton ball soaked in a gel cleanser. File away any roughness on the tips of your nails with a nail file.

FAQs about glitter nail polish.

Does glitter nail polish last longer?

Nail trends come and go, but sparkly nails are forever in trend. Glitter nail polish is an easy fix for masking chipped nail polish, and for the most part, glitter lasts longer than other solid colors.

How long does glitter dry?

It depends on the application and atmospheric conditions, and it takes approximately 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

Which is the best brand for nail glitter?

Gal glitter is the best brand for nail glitter.

Can glitter nail polish damage nails?

Yes, glitter is safe for use. Glitter nail polish cannot damage your nails, but some varieties of nail polish glitter contain small toxic particles.

What is the conclusion of using glitter nail polish?

Glitter nail polish is the best choice for everyone, whether you are looking to add some glamour and sparkle to your nails. By following some easy steps, you can make your nails more beautiful and attractive.

Last but not least, glitter is a versatile and fun product to experiment by using in your nail polish or nail art. https://galglitter.com/