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Manufacturer of Green glitter eye shadow

Green glitter eye shadow is a special eye shadow, usually used in evening parties, stage performances and other occasions. This eye shadow is usually composed of green, white and gold, where green is the main color, and white and gold are used to add color contrast and sparkle.

This eyeshadow is quite an intricate process, using lots of green and white pigments, and adding gold glitter powder to it. Once made, eyeshadow is usually applied to the eyelids and dabbed with a special makeup brush or fingers for added sparkle.

Green glitter eyeshadow is often used to attract the attention of the audience and add highlights to the performance. In some special occasions, such as concerts, plays, etc., green glitter eye shadow is also one of the essential props.

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The manufacturer of green glitter eyeshadows are:

GalGlitter® Co., LTD is a producer of glitter powder for various applications. Our products, including cosmetic glitter, temperature change glitter powder, glow-in-the-dark glitter powder, and biodegradable glitter powder, etc are sold worldwide and have proven to be profitable for our partners.

Color Integration Capability

We have over 20 years of experience in the field of color design blending solutions for cosmetic grade powder stabilization. Our team of professionals allows us to offer precise, unique options to our customers.

Rigorous Product Testing

We offer a wide range of high-quality products that are rigorously tested to ensure they stand out in the retail market. Our employees are professionally trained and managed, and our management team has a wealth of experience and expertise.

High Quality at Moderate Prices

Our products are of excellent quality and offer consistent performance at competitive prices.

  1. Shanghai Double Happiness Co., Ltd.
  2. Guangzhou Wanbao Group Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
  3. Guangzhou Meiqi Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
  4. Shanghai Lijia Company.
  5. Shanghai Jieqiang Smoking Set Company.
  6. Shanghai Meiying Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
  7. Shanghai Violet Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
  8. Guangzhou Jingmi Electronics Co., Ltd.
  9. Shanghai Jiale Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
  10. Shanghai Sephora Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

The above are the main factories of green glitter eye shadow, in no particular order.