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Sparkle and Shine: The Glamorous World of Glitter Makeup

Glitter makeup

Glitter makeup has become increasingly famous in recent years. People are using glitter makeup worldwide to add some extra shine and glamour to their makeup looks. From subtle shimmer to bold glitter, there are unlimited ways to assimilate glitter into your daily makeup routine. In the document, we will find the history of glitter, its emerger in the world, and the different types of glitter makeup available everywhere.

Glitter history

However, it may seem like glitter has been around forever, but it is a new invention. Henry Ruschmann first created it in 1934. He was working for a company called Meadowbrook invention in New Jersey. Henry attempted to develop products that could be used to add some shine or sparkle to wallpapers. But accidentally, he created glitter. The foremost glitter was created from scrap materials from a plastic factory. These materials were cut into small and shiny pieces. And pieces of materials were coated with different colors, and they were used for various purposes. These colorful and shiny pieces are used to decorate Christmas cards to add a touch of sparkle and shine to clothes and other accessories.

Types of glitter makeup

There are various types of glitter makeup. Every kind of glitter has its characteristics and level of sparkle, so it is essential to select the right type to create your desired look.

Loose glitter

It is made up of loose particles of glitter, and it can be applied to the skin. Loose glitter is often considered the most shimmery and enthusiastic type of glitter, and it is excellently suited for dramatic looks or for some special occasions. To use loose glitter on your skin, first, you need to apply a sticky base to your skin. It can be glitter glue or lip gloss, but it could be tacky enough to maintain the glitter in place. Start by applying the base, then you can use a small brush, or you can use your finger to dab the loose glitter into your face.

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Pressed glitter

Pressed glitter is parallel to loose glitter, but it is pressed and compact pallets. Pressed glitter is more accessible to apply than loose glitter. Because it is less messy and doesn’t require any sticky base. Pressed glitter is quite shimmery but ít commonly less intense than loose glitter. These characteristics of pressed glitter make a good choice for everyday makeup for those who want to add some extra sparkle.

Glitter gel

It is the type of glitter suspended in a gel base. This gel base gives a creamy and bouncy texture that is easy to blend and apply. It is less shimmery than pressed and loose glitter, but it can add a good touch of shine to your makeup looks. Glitter gel is the best choice for those who want extra subtle glitter effects. It is easy to apply.

Glitter eyeshadow

It is another type of glitter that contains glitter particles in eyeshadow. It can come in a variety of textures, from creams to powder. Glitter eyeshadow is commonly quite pigmented. Glitter eyeshadow is a good choice for adding extra shine to your eyes’ makeup look. It can easily blend and is easy to apply. It gives a wide range of finishes and colors.

Uses of glitter

There are various uses of glitter in makeup, including:

1. Party makeup

You can use glitter makeup for the party. It is perfect for adding extra sparkle and shine to your makeup look. For party makeup, you use loose glitter to make a bold and dramatic look. Apply loose glitter to your cheeks and eyes or your lips for a full-on glitter effect.

2. Everyday makeup

You can use GalGlitter glitter for everyday makeup to make yourself more attractive. For everyday makeup, use gel glitter and apply it on your eyelids and eyebrows for a glamour effect.

3. Festival makeup

You can also use glitter makeup in festivals because festival makeup is all about bold and colorful makeup. So glitter makeup is the best addition to your makeup. This glitter makeup helps you to look more attractive. For festival makeup, you can use pressed or gel glitter. Apply glitter on your eyes, lips, and cheeks for a glamorous look.


To conclude, glitter makeup is the best way to create your makeup look more attractive and bold. Different types of glitter will help you to achieve a sparkling look. However, using loose powder glitter can be tricky, so you must be careful while applying glitter makeup.


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