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Finding Reliable Glitter Powder Manufacturers

What is Glitter Powder?


Glitter powder, also known as glitter due to its large specifications, is made from PET, PVC, and OPP metallic aluminum film material plating of different thicknesses with high precision brightness, coated by precision cutting. Glitter powder particle size can range from 3.0mm to 0.004mm.


The environmentally friendly nature of glitter powder is made from PET. Its shape includes quadrangular, hexagonal, rectangular, prismatic, etc. The glitter powder color system is divided into laser silver, laser gold, laser color (including red, blue, green, purple, peach, red, and black), silver, gold, and color (red, blue, green, purple, peach, red, and black) illusion series. Each color series is added to the surface layer of protection. The color is bright, and it has specific resistance and temperature resistance to climate, temperature, and slightly corrosive chemicals.


Glitter powder is a unique surface treatment material and is widely used in Christmas crafts, candle crafts, screen printing industry, cosmetics (fabrics, leather, shoes, shoe materials, yearbook series), decorative materials (craft glass art and polycrystalline glass; crystal glass crystal ball), paint decoration, furniture painting, packaging, Christmas gifts, toy pens, and other fields. It is characterized by enhancing the visual effect of the glitter product and giving its decorative part a undulating layer of layers, creating a more three-dimensional sense.


As technology continues to develop, life continues to improve, and the creation and application in various fields will become more widespread. There are many types of glitter powder, colors, and specifications on the market, and high-quality glitter is reflected in the following criteria and indicators:

High brightness:

From the surface brightness to identification, high-quality glitter powder of high flash, high brightness, and mirror effect is obvious.

Shape consistency:

Quality glitter powder, when viewed under a microscope, will have a standard hexagonal shape and no powder or size variation.

Alkali resistance and strong acid resistance:

High-quality glitter powder will maintain its color after long-term immersion in strong acid and strong alkali liquid.

High-temperature resistance:

Glitter powder that does not fade or partially fade when steamed at high temperatures is of top quality. This method is mostly used to analyze and identify glitter used in glitter glue and nail polish.

Main types


The product consists of vacuum metallic polyester plastic film, and its color layer is the heat-set cross bond epoxy layer, which can produce a wide range of colors and can be used on wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather goods, ceramics, and other materials through screen printing, coating, spraying, scattering. PVC glitter powder is not resistant to high temperatures (60℃), acid, and alkali. PET glitter powder is resistant to high temperature (190℃), acid, and alkali.


The product is made up of a very thin aluminum foil with a colored outer layer of thermosetting cross bonded epoxy layer.

How to Choose the Right Glitter Powder

When choosing glitter powder for a specific project, consider the following factors:

Intended use

Consider the intended use of the glitter powder. Will it be applied to a surface that will be subjected to high temperatures or harsh chemicals? Will it be used in a product that will come into contact with food or be used on the skin? Selecting a glitter powder that is appropriate for the intended use will ensure that it performs as expected and does not pose any potential risks.

Particle size

The particle size of glitter powder can range from very fine to very large. The particle size you choose will depend on the desired effect and the intended use of the glitter. Fine glitter will give a more subtle, shimmering effect, while larger particles will create a more dramatic, sparkling effect.


Glitter powder comes in a wide range of colors, from metallic shades to bright, bold hues. Choose a color that complements the project or adds the desired visual effect.


As mentioned earlier, it is important to choose a high-quality glitter powder to ensure that it performs as expected and does not pose any potential risks. Look for glitter powder that meets the standards outlined above, such as high brightness, consistent shape, resistance to high temperatures and harsh chemicals, and appropriate particle size.

Applications of Glitter Powder

Glitter powder is a versatile material that can add a touch of sparkle and shine to a wide range of projects. From cosmetics and crafts to packaging and home décor, glitter powder can enhance the visual appeal of any product. Including:


Glitter powder is a popular ingredient in cosmetics such as nail polish, eye shadow, and body lotion. It adds a shimmering, sparkling effect to these products and enhances their visual appeal.


Glitter powder is often used in crafts and DIY projects to add a touch of sparkle and shine. It can be used to decorate ornaments, cards, and other craft items.


Glitter powder can be used to add a decorative touch to packaging, such as gift boxes and bags. It adds a festive, celebratory feel to the packaging and makes it stand out on store shelves.

Home décor

Glitter powder can be used to add a touch of glamour to home décor items such as vases, picture frames, and candle holders. It can also be used to create custom pieces, such as glitter-covered furniture or home accents.

Other industries

In addition to the industries mentioned above, glitter powder is also used in screen printing, paint decoration, and furniture painting. It is a versatile material that can enhance the visual appeal of a wide range of products and projects.

How to Choose Quality Glitter Powder

When shopping for glitter powder, it’s important to choose a high-quality product to ensure the best results.


High-quality glitter powder should have a high level of brightness and a mirror-like effect. This will ensure that the glitter adds a bold, eye-catching sparkle to your products or projects.

Shape and size

Quality glitter powder should have a uniform shape and size, with no clumps or uneven particles. Glitter that is irregular in shape or size can be difficult to work with and may not provide the desired effect.

Resistance to temperature and chemicals

Depending on the intended use of the glitter powder, it may be exposed to high temperatures or harsh chemicals. Choose a glitter powder that is resistant to these factors to ensure that it maintains its appearance and performance over time.

Environmental friendliness

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your glitter powder, look for a product that is made from environmentally friendly materials and is free of harmful additives. This will ensure that your glitter powder is safe for use and has a minimal impact on the environment.

Brand reputation

It’s always a good idea to choose a glitter powder from a reputable brand with a track record of producing high-quality products. Look for a brand that is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Glitter powder is a versatile material that adds a touch of sparkle and shine to a wide range of products and projects. By choosing a high-quality glitter powder and understanding its properties and applications, you can achieve the best results and create beautiful, eye-catching creations.


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