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Glitter body: The trendy and controversial beauty trend

The evolution of the Glitter body trend

Glitter in art and performance

The glitter body trend has its roots in the art and performance industry. During the 20th century, artists used glitter as an instrument to create incredible visual effects in their works.

Glitter in the music industry

Later, the music industry adopted glitter to make a flashy and creative stage presence. Musicians David Bowie and Elton John popularized the use of glitter in the musical industry.

Glitter in beauty and makeup industry

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In contemporary years, the beauty and makeup industry has taken up glitter trends, and they are becoming a widespread way for people who wants to convey themselves in front of their audiences. From full-body glitter to intricate designs, the possibilities are endless. The trend of glitter has become very famous, so many beauty and makeup brands are now selling their body glitter products, which include glitter gel, glitter powder, glitter nail polish, and sprays.

Advantages and disadvantages of glitter


The glitter body trend has its advantages as well as disadvantages. One advantage of body glitter is it allows people to represent themselves uniquely and creatively. Moreover, body glitters also adds a touch of glamour to our outfit and make our outfit perfect for festivals, event, and parties.


Apart from these, on the other hand, there is the disadvantage of body glitter products that it affects our environment. Because body glitter products are made up of micro plastics chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Moreover, some glitter body products contain toxic chemicals that can cause skin irritation and give us allergic reactions.

Precautions for using glitter

While applying glitter, it is essential to take precautions to avoid eye irritation or injury. Loose glitter particles can quickly enter the eyes and can damage the eye or cause irritation. To prevent this, it is recommended to use glitter products that are specifically designed for use on the face and eye to apply them carefully, and with caution, So it is essential to choose high-quality glitter products that are safe for use on the body and skin, and these products do not contain harmful ingredients.

Popular body Glitter

One of the most popular types of body glitter is galglitter. Galglitter is a unique type of glitter made up of a mixture of glitter and aloe vera gel. It is easy to apply and can create various looks, from a subtle shimmer to bold looks. Galglitter is also known for its hydrating properties, making it ạ popular choice amongst those with dry and sensitive skin.


Glitter has become a favorite accessory in the beauty industry, with body and gal glitter being particular favorites. While glitter adds some sparkle and shines to the body, its usage raised concerns about its environmental and safety impact. To minimize the ecological effects of glitter, it is essential to choose biodegradable glitter products; while using this, make sure also you are takings care of safety use and high-quality glitter products. Considering these precautions, using glitter adds a fun and unique element to any makeup look. Finally, we can say that body glitter trends have become a famous way for people to convey themselves, and it adds a touch of glamour to their outfits. Furthermore, their concern regarding the safety and environmental effects of body glitter products. It is important to utilize safe and environmentally friendly alternatives to body glitter to reduce the harmful effects that cause environmental pollution and damage our health.


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