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Pink Cosmetic Glitter Powder Wholesale Price

The wholesale price of pink cosmetic glitter powder will be affected by factors such as different brands, specifications, origins and sales channels, and its unit price is generally between 1-100$. The specific price range also needs to be determined according to market conditions and supply and demand conditions.

Common pink cosmetic glitter brands include Fenty Beauty, Beauty Maker, Holika Holika, MAC, Excel cult, Hulogin Nature, Snow Solid, etc. The sales channels include online and offline retail stores, professional cosmetics stores, beauty salons, etc. When choosing a pink cosmetic glitter powder wholesaler, you need to consider multiple factors such as price, quality, supply capacity, and after-sales service to ensure that you get products with reliable quality and reasonable prices.

The role of pink cosmetic glitter powder

  • Increases the luminosity of the skin, making it instantly radiant and radiant.
  • Glitter powder is very fine in texture, smooth to the touch, very close to the skin, and has a variety of colors to choose from.
  • After use, it can make the makeup last longer, make the skin thinner and brighter, and make the skin more lustrous.
  • Glitter powder can also make the makeup more layered, creating a different sense of coolness and hotness.

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