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How to Deal with Eyeshadow Glitter Falling All Over Your Face

Many girls enjoy using Glitter Powder in their makeup, but sometimes it can fall on their face and be difficult to remove. Here are some tips for avoiding this problem and removing Glitter Powder from your face:

Avoiding Glitter Powder Falling on Your Face

  • Choose good quality eyeshadow: When purchasing eyeshadow, look for a texture that is not too powdery, as it will be less likely to fall off.
  • Use a specialized eyeshadow brush: Using a specialized eyeshadow brush can help keep the eyeshadow in place, as opposed to using a brush usually used for blush.
  • Moisturize your eyes: Proper moisturization of your eyes can help keep eyeshadow in place. Make sure to use water and eye cream before applying eyeshadow.
  • Use a tissue pad: If you have already purchased eyeshadow that is prone to falling off, you can try using a tissue pad to cover your face when applying the eyeshadow to avoid getting glitter on your cheeks.

Removing Glitter Powder from Your Face

  • Use a special eye makeup remover: To remove Glitter Powder from your face, use a special eye makeup remover and a cotton pad. Gently press the cotton pad with the makeup remover onto the glitter residue for more than ten seconds, allowing the makeup remover to dissolve the glitter. Then, use a cotton pad covered with makeup remover to gently wipe the glitter several times until the residue is completely removed.

Where to Apply Glitter Powder

Glitter Powder can be used to add a touch of sparkle and shine to your makeup. Here are some suggestions for where to apply Glitter Powder:

  • On top of the eyelid or in the crease of the double eyelid: Fine glitter or Glitter Powder can be applied along with eyeshadow on the top of the eyelid or in the crease of the double eyelid.
  • At the end of the eye: Larger Glitter Powder can be applied to the end of the eye to create a vibrant makeup look.
  • In a circle on the lower lashes: Applying a circle of Glitter Powder on the lower lashes can give a fairy-like effect.
  • Along the blush line: A larger amount of Glitter Powder can be applied along the blush line, using glue specifically for false eyelashes.
  • Instead of a sleeper stick on the lower lashes: Glitter Powder can be used instead of a sleeper stick on the lower lashes, using Vaseline as an adhesive.


Glitter Powder can add a touch of sparkle and shine to your makeup, but it is important to avoid letting it fall on your face and to remove it properly. By following these tips and choosing good quality eyeshadow, using a specialized eyeshadow brush, moisturizing your eyes, and using a tissue pad as needed, you can enjoy using Glitter Powder without any issues.


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