Bride Acrylic Crystal Nail Tutorial

Bride Acrylic Crystal Nail Tutorial

Crystal nails, as the name implies, its color is crystal clear, pure white, and natural. The key is to match with various shades of clothes, showing the noble and elegant temperament of women. Perfect crystal nails can also reflect the bride’s rich income and pursuit of beauty, reflect the distinctive personality of Xi Niang, and every action can reflect her charming charm.


In every girl’s heart, the proudest moment is the moment when they step into the marriage hall. Although the wedding dress can only be worn for one day, this day is not only a lifetime oath but also an eternal memory for the bride. Naturally, every bride will pay attention to it and be able to get the desirable eyes of the guests. This is also an essential key for the bride to judge whether she is outstanding and thriving at the wedding. Every place that can show the charm of the bride cannot be finished hastily. Today, I will introduce you to a place that seems inconspicuous but also attracts attention-the bride crystal nail tutorial.

Here, let’s first introduce the operation requirements of the basic concept of crystal nails. Crystal nails can form a good match with various colors, highlighting the pure charm of the bride. There are many benefits, but the operation is also tricky. The bride needs to prepare the following materials: a square finger mold and a glass solution cup. Add a nail brush and a bottle of quick-drying bright nail protector, a bottle of special fixative, a bottle of Acrylic Liquid Monomer, and finally, a bottle of Clear Acrylic Powder. For beginner brides, it is better to prepare a finger model for practice.

The first step is to grind the nail surface, use a thicker grinding rod, and gently grind the nail surface again so as to increase the adhesion of crystal powder on it.

The second step is the sticker film. It is enough to tear off one small piece of the finger mold and stick it on the finger. Attention should be paid to the minor groove under the fingernail one, and the two sides should be pasted under the finger mold. However, the curved curve should be maintained under the finger surface. Otherwise, the irregular curve of the finger mold will affect the arc of the crystal nail made later.

The third step is to slightly dip a certain amount of balance moisture-proof agent with a balance moisture-proof agent, gently place it on the nail cover to be made of crystal nails, and wait for it to dry for subsequent operations.

The fourth cloth should use an enamel powder fixing agent, take one small amount of enamel fixing powder and carefully place it on the nail cover to be dyed into crystal nails.

The fifth step is to start dipping powder. The bride will pour the Acrylic Liquid Monomer into the glass for four minutes, use a nail brush to take a small amount of Acrylic Liquid, prepare to dip Clear Acrylic Powder, and lay a thicker absorbent toilet paper on the side. One can be used to clean the brush later.

The last step is to spread powder on the nails. This is also the most challenging step. The spread of powder must be fast and stable. Too slow will cause Clear Acrylic Powder to condense into complex pieces. Not tough enough will affect the shape and not be beautiful. At this point, the complete bride crystal nail tutorial is over.

For brides who have just come into contact with the knowledge of the bride’s crystal nail tutorial, it is best to suggest that you find a family or friend who has had this experience to help you with it, which can save time and achieve better results. I wish all brides could make the best crystal nails.

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