Can I find reliable Glitter Powder manufacturers

Can I find reliable Glitter Powder manufacturers?

What is glitter?

1. Definition 

Glitter, also called glitter powder, also called glitter due to the large specifications, is made of PET, PVC, and OPP metallic aluminium film material plating of different thicknesses with high precision brightness, coated by precision cutting. Gold onion powder particle size can be produced from 3.0mm-0.004mm.

2. Characteristics 

The environmentally friendly nature of the product is made of PET. Its shape has quadrangular, hexagonal, rectangular, prismatic, etc. The glitter powder colour system is divided into laser silver, laser gold, laser colour (including red, blue and green, purple, peach, red and black), silver, gold, and colour (red, blue, green, purple, peach, red and black) illusion series.

Each colour series are added to the surface layer of protection. Bright colour, the climate, and the temperature of mild corrosive chemicals have a certain resistance and temperature resistance.


As a unique surface treatment material, glitter powder is widely used in Christmas crafts, candle crafts, screen printing industry, cosmetics (fabrics, leather, shoes — shoe materials, yearbook series), decorative materials (craft glass art and polycrystalline glass; crystal glass crystal ball), paint decoration, furniture painting, packaging, Christmas gifts, toy pens and other fields, and It is characterized by enhancing the visual effect of the glitter product, giving its decorative part an undulating layer of layers., more three-dimensional sense. And its highly glittering characteristics make the decorative objects bright and eye-catching, multiplying the brilliance.

There are also cosmetics, as well as nail polish in the cosmetics field, and eye shadow and various nail product powders have a wide range of applications. Since glitter powder has a glossy effect formed by the plastic film with a coating, glitter powder has a wide range of creations and applications in the food packaging industry. However, glitter powder is strictly prohibited from being added to food.


As technology continues to develop, life continues to improve, and the creation and application in various fields will become more and more widespread. There are many kinds of glitter powder, colours and specifications on the market, and high-quality glitter is reflected in the following criteria and indicators:

1. High brightness:

From the surface brightness to identification, high-quality gold onion powder of high flash, high brightness, and mirror effect is obvious.

2. Shape to one:

Quality glitter powder, glitter powder under the microscope to see the shape of the glitter, the shape of a standard hexagon; there is no powder and size.

3. Alkali resistance and strong acid:

High-quality glitter powder, long-term immersion in strong acid and strong alkali liquid, to maintain the colourful.

4. High-temperature resistance:

Can be steamed in the way; glitter powder in high temperature steaming without fading or partial fading is the top quality. This method is mostly used to analyze and identify glitter used in glitter glue and nail polish.

Main types 

1. PET, PVC 

The product consists of vacuum metallic polyester plastic film, and its colour layer is the heat-set cross bond epoxy layer, which can produce a wide range of colours, and can be used on wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather goods, ceramics and other materials through screen printing, coating, spraying scattering. The PVC glitter powder is not resistant to high temperatures (60℃), acid and alkali. Pet glitter powder is resistant to high temperature (190℃), acid and alkali.

2. Metallic 

The product is made up of a very thin aluminium foil with a coloured outer layer of thermosetting cross bonded epoxy layer. Glitter powder is suitable for many dry coating soluble materials and also for soluble materials. Metallic glitter powder is ideal for plastic products and is resistant to 250°C acids and bases.

3. Illusion series

The product has a metallic colour variation and lustre, with a distinct colour change. This product is a unique phantom glitter powder that does not contain metallic components, but the polymer film composition gives the glitter its optical properties. It has more flexible applications in the printing fieldcraft industries, cosmetics, and jewellery products, giving the product a colour-changing appearance.

4. Laser series 

The product is made of imported high brightness and high dazzling radium original film, coloured by high-temperature coating, and cut by professional precision machinery to make the specification of uniform shape of glitter. The original film is generally a PET glitter film with environmentally friendly properties and characteristics, and the price of the manufactured laser glitter powder is higher. Since the reflective effect of the laser glitter powder is better than the general glitter powder, it is generally used in the industries of injection moulding, glass building materials, etc., to make its lustre come through the surface.


Common specifications 

1. Square:

3.0mm, 1.0mm, 0.8mm, 0.6mm, 0.5mm, 0.4mm, 0.3mm, 0.1mm

2. Hex: 

1/4(6.0mm)0.20, 1/6(5mm)0.175, 1/8(3.0mm), 1/10(2.5mm), 1/12(2.0mm), 1/20(1.3mm), 1/22 (1.8mm), 1/24 (0.8mm), 1/32 (0.6mm), 1/40 (0.5mm), 1/64 (0.4mm), 1/96 (0.3mm), 1/128 (0.2mm), 1/170 (0.15mm), 1/256 (0.1mm), 1/360 (0.07mm), 1/500 (0.05mm)


0.3×1.5mm, 0.3x3mm, 0.3×4.7mm, 0.2×1.5mm \ 0.2X1mm, 0.1X0.8mm

glitter’s production process

The whole production process of ordinary glitter powder is divided into five major parts, which are vacuum plating, high-temperature coating printing, material slitting, cutting powder, sieving powder to powder and other processes, and finally weighing, packaging and shipping. One of the most core determining the quality of the product for the production of the high-temperature coating printing process, this process will determine the brightness of glitter powder, high-temperature resistance and solvent resistance.

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