Can Manicure be done continuously

Can Manicure be done continuously? The harm of Manicures to the body


A manicure can add colour to our hands and has a good cosmetic effect, which is popular and loved by everyone. Many beauty lovers often go for Manicure, but in fact, Manicure has certain harm.

Can Manicure be done continuously?

Manicure is not allowed to be done continuously; there are irritating chemicals in Manicures, and doing Manicures is not only bad for your nails but can also cause some harm to your body. The most common problems that occur when you have Manicure are that your nails become brittle, the colour of the nail surface becomes darker, and the nails are easily broken and damaged. After Manicure, you should pay more attention to the daily care and maintenance work.

I. Weak nails

Manicure is very harmful to your nails because it removes a layer of a matrix from your nails, and your nails become extremely fragile when they lose their protection. The nail acts as a protective layer to protect the flesh under the surface of the nail from damage, but when the protective layer is worn away again and again during Manicure, the nail will become inflamed and infected.

Second, the nail colour becomes darker.

Many girls go to Manicure stores to get manicures in the colour they like, and there are many different colours of Manicures on the market. However, once these dark colours are applied on top of the nails, they do not fall off easily. The reason why this happens is that the colouring agent is added inside the nail polish, and the colour will penetrate into the nail after the protective layer on top of the nail is worn off. The nails will have darkened and roughened over time.

Three, the nail becomes mutilated.

If your nails are already fragile, Manicure is not recommended. The nail damage caused by Manicure alone is so great that some people even have nail loss after Manicure. In this case, it is important to clean the Manicure in time.

Three, the nail becomes mutilated.

If your nails are already fragile, Manicure is not recommended. The nail damage caused by Manicure alone is so great that some people even have nail loss after Manicure. In this case, it is important to clean the Manicure in time.Harmful effects of Manicure on the body

Harmful effects of Manicure on the body

Long-term Manicures can damage the nails and cause nail infections and inflammation, which can affect the respiratory system of a person. Many girls who love beauty like to do Manicures; there are various types of Manicures on the market, but most of the Manicure ingredients contain substances that are harmful to the human body, and doing Manicures for a long time will definitely have certain effects on the human body.

I. Damage to nails

Manicure contains harsh chemicals that may damage the nail layer and nail bed. The most serious consequence of prolonged Manicure is that the nails may become fragile and break easily and may even detach from the nail bed. Damaged nails will have slow growth and a rough, dull nail surface.

II. Inflammation of the nail

When people have a Manicure, the Manicurist will remove the small skin on top of the nail, but the result of doing this is that the nail loses its protective layer and is extremely vulnerable to external irritation. The loss of the protective nail matrix can cause the skin at the edge of the nail to become red and swollen, and if it becomes too severe, it can become inflamed and pus-filled. Many cases of nail infections are caused by this condition.

Respiratory effects

Most of the nail polishes on the market are made with phthalates, which are used in Manicures to soften the nail surface and facilitate the shaping of Manicure. However, this substance is volatile in the air and can affect the respiratory system once it is inhaled.

What to do if your nails are damaged after a Manicure

You can restore damaged nails by washing your hands with warm water, applying a few drops of seed oil, and doing hand masks. When applying nail polish, many girls just put on a single coat of nail polish. In fact, in front of the nail polish also need to do a lot of work. You must first polish the nail; after doing the nail must also do care, or regular nail polish is extremely damaged nails.

A. Wash your hands with warm water

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of minutes to get a lot more than just a couple of minutes. If you have the conditions, you can also try to wash your hands with warm water and human water exchange. As with the daily care of the face, hands also need to do regular care. If often painted nail polish, children do not care, and the nail layer will become fragile and easily damaged.

Two, a few drops of seed oil

Take a clean cotton pad and put one or two drops of seed oil on it. If not, you can also choose an essential oil with a conservation effect. The same process as when removing makeup, to ensure that each finger is completely moisturized by the seed oil, and then with the massage of the finger rubbing, to promote the absorption of nutrients in the nails.

Third, hand mask

The last way is to do hand film. If you have the conditions can do a set of professional hand films, which is very helpful for the recovery of damaged nails, and it can also play a certain whitening and rejuvenating effect. In order to avoid damage to fingernails, you should also carry out daily maintenance work in general, and hand cream is necessary to apply all year round.

How long does Manicure last?

Normal nail polish can only last four to five days, while peelable nail polish can last two days, and a Manicure done at a Manicure salon can last three months. Although some Manicures can stay for a long time, this also has a bad effect on the nails. Usually, after a Manicure, you should also take care of your nails on a daily basis to ensure that they are healthy. Normally after a Manicure, it is important to note that you should not use your nails to do the kind of things that require force; otherwise, the Manicure will not be able to keep for long, and not only will it be easy to lose colour, but it will also cause the nails to break and make the Manicure suffer a lot of damage. Therefore, you should try to use the belly of your finger to touch the object or do something that requires force. Many girls do housework directly after Manicure, but this can also damage the Manicure and make it not last long. The right thing to do is to wash your hands and put on rubber gloves to isolate your nails from the cleaning agent every time you do housework, which can effectively protect your nails from chemical substances such as cleaning agents that can corrode your nails. Finally, if you want your manicure to last longer, you should take care of your hands in general. When you first finish Manicure, your nails are fragile and can sometimes fall off with a simple pick. Also, if your nails are already damaged, you should choose to have a Manicure after three months to protect your nails.  Click here for wholesale nail polish

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