Can you do a hand mask after doing a manicure

How long can you touch the water after doing a manicure? Can you do a hand mask after doing a manicure?


Most girls can’t say no to a manicure because not only will they feel better after getting a manicure, but they will also feel more beautiful, so many girls still choose to get a manicure because their nails are beautiful. So how long can you touch water after nail art is done? Can you do a hand film after your nail is done?

How long can you touch water after nail art?

You can touch the water when you have a perfect nail in about an hour to two hours, but after you have a perfect nail, try not to touch the water for a short time. Otherwise, it will affect the normal nail effect. After getting a manicure, your hands will become more delicate, your nails will look good, and the skin of your hands will become smooth. Do not use your hands to pick the nail after doing the nail to avoid causing the nail to fall off. The nail mainly uses some glue to stick on the nail; in daily life, try not to do nails for a long time. Otherwise, it will have a certain impact on health.

Can you do a hand mask after doing a manicure?

You can. You can continue to do hand masks after doing a manicure, but this is under the premise that the nail is dry. Hand masks are mainly serums that make your hands feel very soft and smooth after use, and they also have a degree of whitening effect. The ingredients in the hand mask do not have much effect on the nail, and it can effectively repair the skin problems of the hands, making them more hydrated and highlighting the effect of the nail, which is recommended.

Can you wash your hands when you have a perfect nails?

Yes, you can. You can wash your hands after getting a perfect nail, but you have to make sure that the nail is in a dry condition. Of course, if you just got a perfect nail, it is recommended that you do not touch the water immediately to avoid affecting the effect of the nail. If you want to touch the water, it is also recommended not to touch hot water because hot water tends to soften the nail, thus making it more ugly. It is also not recommended to use your hands to pick your nails, and it is best to contact fewer washing products so that the nail can be maintained for a longer period of time.

What to pay attention to after the nail is done?

1, after doing a perfect nail, it is best not to directly pick with your hands because the hands that were directly picking the nail will cause damage to the nail, and the nail surface will become very thin, so the nail will easily break.

2, after the nail is done, if the phenomenon of warping occurs within a short time, it is recommended to repair in time. If you can’t repair it in time, you can apply a layer of glossy oil to the warped area to prevent the nail from falling off further.

3, many people do not like to uninstall the nail; even when the nail grows out, a lot is left uninstalled, but as the nail grows, it not only is unsightly but also becomes less solid, and even can not help but want to use their hands to pick.

4, if the nail surface has lost its lustre, you can use the sand strip to wear off the surface of the sealer, and then a layer of sealer can be.

What is the best nail art that shows a high level of sophistication? What are the nail art recommendations that show a sense of sophistication?

What are the nails that show a sense of sophistication 

1. Burgundy + nude colour

Burgundy is more character colour, burgundy is also very hands white, burgundy and flesh colour fusion, creating a sense of seniority, the fusion of these two colours can grab people’s eyes, in the crowd of this red is the brightest.

2, big red + gold

Big red and gold fusion, looks like people are very graceful and noble feeling, dazzling red was born with eye-catching lustre, but also can be very hands white, can more exude the charm of women, fashionable and foreign feeling.

3, black + yellow

These two colours are very suitable for this summer; yellow is bright yellow, with black looks like a very big and calm feeling, the two colours do not look too flashy, but the fusion of these two colours can show hands white, a sense of seniority.

These colours of nail art are white hands with advanced colours. 

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