Cosmetic Glitter Powder eye shadow does not stick.

Cosmetic Glitter Powder eye shadow does not stick. How to do it?

Cosmetic Glitter Powder eye shadow does not stick anymore. 

Cosmetic Glitter Powder eye shadow is dry, and we can put eye cream, lotion or eye drops into it to moisturize the eye shadow and use it again so that the effect of makeup can be better. If it is an eye shadow cream, usually tighten the lid after use and turn it upside down on the table to avoid dryness and oxidation of the eye shadow cream by contacting oxygen.

What to stick to Cosmetic Glitter Powder for children’s makeup

 You can use toner or glue that sticks to eyelids with sticky eyelashes. It is recommended to do an allergy test before sticking Cosmetic Glitter Powder. Some women with sensitive skin may be allergic to eyelash glue, as the degree of allergy varies from body part to body part, so you can use some glue to stick on your eyelids and after 60 minutes, see if your eyelids will appear red and swollen. You can also use a toner with its own stickiness and stick Cosmetic Glitter Powder with toner, which is not prone to allergies. Just take it with a fingertip and place Cosmetic Glitter Powder on the lower part of the eye.

Precautions for sticking eye shadow

To avoid eye skin damage, you need to observe if the area around Cosmetic Glitter Powder is smooth when glueing Cosmetic Glitter Powder and apply blush after glueing Cosmetic Glitter Powder to be more temperamental. To make Cosmetic Glitter Powder last longer, you can apply some Vaseline. Women need to avoid fly legs when applying eye makeup. For women with somewhat short eyelashes, use an eyelash holder under the eyelashes to make them look curved and then stick Cosmetic Glitter Powder, which can have the effect of adding colour to the beauty.


How to remove eye shadow

A. Use eye and lip makeup remover products

There are two types of makeup remover products, makeup remover for face and eye and lip makeup remover for eye and lip makeup removal. If the face makeup remover is not clean, you can use eye and lip makeup remover products to remove makeup from the eyes.

Second, use cotton swabs.

After the eye and lip makeup remover is found to have eye shadow that has not been removed cleanly, you can use a cotton swab with eye and lip makeup remover to gently wipe your eyelids and clean them again.

Three, use makeup remover oil.

Makeup remover oil is the best makeup remover inside all makeup removal products. Pour the makeup remover oil on a cotton pad, lightly press on the eyelids for a few seconds and massage in a circular motion. And it is best to add a little water emulsification after full emulsification of the makeup remover oil can remove eye makeup at once.

Fourth, the second cleaning.

After removing makeup, use cleanser and makeup water for secondary cleaning after the cleanser is fully foamed in the palm of your hand, massage and rub the face for about thirty seconds and then wash it off, followed by a cotton pad with makeup and gently wipe the face.

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