Deal with eyeshadow Glitter falling all over your face

How to deal with eyeshadow Glitter Powder falling all over your face ?

Many girls like to paste Glitter Powder makeup, but because Glitter Powder is glued to the skin, there will be a certain period of time, so a time will always fall on the face. This situation should be how dealt with it, and how to wash off the face with Glitter Powder.

Eyeshadow Glitter Powder always falls full-face how to do 

1, eye shadow quality

You are in the choice of buying eye shadow, and you can choose some texture that is more delicate but not too powdery eye shadow is not so easy to take off; I used it before the House of Itty’s eye shadow is still relatively good.

2, eyeshadow brush

Specialized eyeshadow brush, makeup will be more solid, and if you use the brush directly with the kind of brush usually used blush brush, not a special eyeshadow brush will be easy to fall off the powder.

3, eye moisturizer

In addition, eye shadow is off also and does not do a good job of moisturizing related, such as when you apply water, eye cream is not applied to the eyes, or you do not use eye cream. Because eye tonic water and eye cream can keep this part of our eyes moist, then it is not easy to take off the makeup when the eyeshadow is applied; if you do not do a good job of moisturizing this part, the eyelids are very dry, then the eyeshadow is also not easy to apply makeup.

4、Tissue pad with

In addition, if you have now bought eye shadow, easy to fall off the powder you do not want to waste, then you can take a tissue when you apply eye shadow and cover the face to avoid eye shadow falling on the cheeks of the makeup also dirty, this is the last resort, right, if you do not want to waste the eye shadow has been purchased can be used.

If you don’t want to smudge your face and don’t want to change your eyeshadow palette, then you should moisturize your eyes and use a special eyeshadow brush, as well as use a tissue pad as a last resort.


How to deal with eyeshadow Glitter Powder falling off the face

Use a special eye makeup remover to remove it. Use a cotton pad with an appropriate amount of eye makeup remover, then gently press on the glitter residue for more than ten seconds, wait until the makeup remover fully dissolves the glitter, then use a cotton pad covered with makeup remover to wipe the glitter several times, repeatedly and gently, until the glitter residue is completely removed.

Where to apply Glitter Powder

Eye shadow Glitter Powder can generally be painted along with eye shadow on the top of the eyelid or double eyelid crease; like fine glitter, larger Glitter Powder can be glued to the end of the eye to create a vitality makeup or paste a circle of Glitter Powder in the lower eyelashes, bright fairy atmosphere!

First, we put on a light and airy base makeup to make the skin crystal clear so that the base makeup can be in harmony with the bright Glitter Powder.

Then we start the eye makeup, using earthy eye shadow, after mixing curry and crimson on the back of the hand, from the head of the eye to the upper eyelid, the range should be beyond the eyelids, and then dip a small amount of brown eye shadow in the eye hollows, so that it deepens the eye contour.

At this point, apply a fine glitter pearl eyeshadow to the middle crease of the upper eyelid to brighten the eye, and finish with a thin line of eyeliner to elongate the end of the eye horizontally.

A larger amount of Glitter Powder was applied to the outer part of the eye, where the blush is, using the glue used for sticking false eyelashes, very meta.

For the lower lashes, we use Glitter Powder instead of a sleeper stick. Choose your favourite colour and use Vaseline as an adhesive to glue Glitter Powder from the inner corner of the eye, all the way to the outer corner of the lower lashes, and then press it well with a cotton pad.

Notes on removing eye makeup

Ordinary cleansers will not remove eye shadow glitter powder. The makeup remover products that can be used on the whole face are more irritating and should not be used to clean the glitter that falls around the eyes because the skin around the eyes is delicate and fragile, so it is not suitable to use the makeup remover products for the whole face to remove the glitter. To remove eye shadow and eye shadow residue, always use a special eye makeup remover.

First, dab an appropriate amount of eye makeup remover on a cotton pad, then gently cover the glitter residue with a cotton pad moistened with makeup remover and leave it on for a while before wiping gently with the cotton pad repeatedly and several times. If you are still unable to remove the glitter residue, repeat the above steps again until the cotton pad is completely clean. The last thing you need to do is to use a cleanser to cleanse your face so that you can fully ensure that the glitter residue is completely removed.

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