Does Aurora nail art step How to do Aurora nail art

Does Aurora nail art step How to do Aurora nail art?


Aurora’s nail is a new type of nail material that is really super nice and suitable for people of any age, so do you know the steps of Aurora nail manicure? Follow me, and we will do Aurora’s nail manicure at home.

Aurora nail art steps

1, first, apply a base coat to the nails. After applying the base coat, use a UV light to dry the nails. You can choose the colour of your nails according to your needs.

2. After applying the coloured nail polish to your nails, you will need to apply a sealer. Use light to dry your nails after each layer. After the sealer is applied, you can use Aurora’s nail.

3. Use a silicone stick, finger or cotton swab to dip a small amount of Aurora’s nail and rub it on the nail surface after gently tapping it to achieve the effect, then use a dust brush to clean up the sealer and apply a sealer with a light to dry.

How to do Aurora nail art

1. Apply the base coat first.

2. Then apply the nude colour series colour gel/healthy colour red gel; if your nails are very red, you can not apply colour gel.

3. Then, apply the no-rinse sealer.

4. Each of the above steps is LED light to dry.

5. Take a small amount of Aurora nail with a silicone stick, finger or cotton swab and rub it on the nail surface after gently tapping.

6. After achieving the desired effect, clean up with a dust brush.

7. Apply the sealing layer with LED light to dry.

When to use Aurora nail manicure

The order of application of Aurora’s nail is after the no-rinse sealer. Aurora’s nail is very bright. The sun can even show a variety of colours, but also with a solid colour, nail polish gel will also have an unexpected effect.

How to match Aurora nails with nail art

Aurora nail powder itself has no colour, but when applied to the nail, it will show a different shine due to the light. So before using Aurora’s nails, use coloured nail polish to give the nails a base colour. The base colour can be a light colour of the same colour, such as nude or light pink, and the nail art will be more transparent and have a fairy feeling, or you can choose some dark base colour, and the final effect will be darker and penetrate a slight base colour.

Can nail art nourish your nails? The benefits of nail art

Nail art is usually discussed what kind of harm it has, but I heard that doing nail art also has the effect of nourishing nails. Is this true? What are the benefits of having a manicure?

Can nail art nourish your nails?

When you have a manicure, especially a thick nail, it increases the hardness of the nail, which protects the nail bed and creates conditions for the growth of the nail bed, so the nail bed will naturally grow.

Benefits of nail art

1. Fashion.
Nail art has become a popular trend, and a good nail technician will customize the perfect nail art look according to the customer’s dress, occasion, skin colour, and holiday. They are showing fashion and personality.

2. Confidence.

Everything we live, work, study, and socialize with can not be separated from the hands. Having a pair of clean, neat, beautiful, generous, decent hands can bring you unlimited confidence in your hands and feet.

3. health.

Work and life often cause damage to the nails. For example, frequent contact with acids, alkalis or organic solvents can erode the nail, making the nail deformation, roughness, and even fracture. Professional nail care can protect, improve, maintain and repair nails.

Ten benefits of nail art

4. Correction.

A professional manicure can reshape imperfect nails such as mutilated nails, wide nails, nail deformation, and discolouration so that you can have perfect hands again. In addition, long-term adherence to professional nail care can also change the shape of the nail, making your hands more slender.

5 . Casual.

In addition to beautiful nails, you will enjoy thoughtful, detailed and comprehensive nail services. Enjoy a relaxing time while reaping the benefits of unlimited beauty.

6. skincare.

In addition to nail services, professional nail salons also have first-class hand and foot skin care programs; nail salons improve your skin at the same time, making the skin more tender, delicate and glowing.

Ten benefits of nail art

7. Mood.

They are matching styles and colours to give you a beautiful mood. If one day you feel inexplicably unhappy, then hurry to do a beautiful nail ……8, taste.

Nail, once the exclusive of the aristocracy. With the progress of society, they gradually become the darling of thousands of quality women. But the personality, beautiful nail styling, is still a symbol of identity, the glow of taste.

9. sexual well-being.

American research studies show that women with beautiful nails are more likely to please the opposite sex. Especially exquisite foot nails can stimulate testosterone secretion.

10. leisure.

Nail is the most direct reason for urban women to do less housework.

What did you need to do with nail art?

The necessary tools for nail art:
nail polish, rhinestones, sequins, point drill pen, line through, and nail polish remover.

First, apply the base coat. A good base coat is a must in order to make the nail colour brighter and prevent the colour from falling off.

2. Second, rhinestones and glitter. How can you do nail art without rhinestones and glitter? The outer layer of transparent rhinestones can be matched with colourful rhinestones and glitter, which is also a very good choice.

3. Next the point drill pen. Rhinestones are the key to the painted elements, and a pointed pen is a necessary tool for rhinestones.

4. And, line through. Used to outline the lines of the tool, you can take the way to draw dots point. With the line through, the range of lines can be posted. Draw a straight line.

5. Also need to remove nail polish.

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