Factors affecting the durability of acrylic dip nails.

How long can dip nails last without sanding? Factors affecting the durability of dip nails


We should all have done dip nails in our life, so do you know dip nails? Today, I will come with you to understand how long dip nails can stand without polishing and the factors that affect the durability of dip nails?

How long can dip nails last without sanding?

dip nails will generally last 15-30 days without sanding. Of course, it also depends on how much housework one usually does. If an individual uses their hands more often, the wear and tear will be much more than usual, and the time they can maintain will be shorter.

Factors affecting the longevity of dip nails.

1, acrylic dip nails product quality

The quality of the product is the basis of longevity, but to judge the quality of a bottle of nail polish can not be based on the durability alone. The odour, texture, condition of the brush head, fullness of the colour, quick-drying and ease of removal all need to be considered.

2. Is the operation method correct?

If dip nails fall off within a few days, the most common reasons are that the polish is not in place, the nail surface is not clean, the edges are not properly wrapped, the nails are not baked dry, etc.

3 . After dip nails, whether to pay attention to maintenance

If you do not pay attention to the daily habits and cleaning maintenance after dip nails, it will easily cause acrylic dip nails to wear and fall off. For example, you can use your fingertips to pick things, and your hands often touch water and detergents, etc.

How long do dip nails last?

Generally speaking, dip nails should be removed after 2-3 weeks on the hands. This will not affect the health of the nails themselves and will keep the dip nails style in top condition.

What are the effects of not removing nails for a long time?

Many customers feel that it is not cost-effective to remove their nails after having acrylic dip nails done, so they keep them for a long time, thinking that they will cut them off when they grow longer.

So the dip nails remain on the hands for nearly two months without being removed. Some dip nail makers are proud of their “super long stay” and feel that they have excellent skills to make the styles last very well. This concept is actually undesirable.

This time many people will say that nail polish is not toxic. Otherwise, why do you need to remove it regularly? But in fact, just like makeup, not removing it for a long time will have an effect on the skin.
Can we say that cosmetics are all toxic?

Although nail polish is healthier and more environmentally friendly than nail polish, it is possible that not removing the nail for a long time will make the nail yellow and become thin and brittle and easy to break.

And long-term non-removal of acrylic dip nails models, because of the growth of new nails, acrylic dip nails itself, such as the shape will also be affected, in fact, has not been so beautiful.

How long do dip nails generally last?

Generally speaking, acrylic dip nails last for about a month at a time because nails grow quickly. If your nails are damaged or broken, it is better to do the trimming or dip nails after staying for 100 days. Otherwise, excessive dip nails will cause more serious damage to the nails that are not yet fully reborn.

Can dip nails snap off on their own?

It is not recommended to pick them off by yourself.

The human nail is made up of many layers of cuticles, and the bond between the nail surface and the nail polish is very high after polishing, so if you forcefully pick them off, it will easily destroy the surface structure of the nail and make the nail layered, and the nail will become thin and brittle.

What will happen if I pick it off myself?

Many girls will remove acrylic dip nails by themselves to save time, thinking that it will be fine if they just pick off the dip nails. The nails are made up of multiple layers of cuticles, and the polished nail surface and nail polish are very tightly bonded. If you forcibly pick them off, it is easy to destroy the surface structure of the nails, resulting in nail delamination and making the nails thin and brittle. You can also click on the company “dip powder supplier China” for more information

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