Fingertip maintenance nail art shining health

Fingertip maintenance nail art shining health

More and more women move their beauty to their fingertips, so there are more and more nail art industries so that sisters who love beauty can do nail maintenance and nail painting. However, nail maintenance does not necessarily need to be done in a nail salon. will give you some small ideas below to make it easy and easy to maintain.

Nails start with daily maintenance.

1. Olive oil anti-drying

Apply olive oil to the nail epidermis to protect dry skin, epidermis, and nails. If it is too late to do complete nail care, applying a layer of oil will make the pins moister. The nail polish will also be effortless to use evenly.

2. tips for removing nail polish

Nail polish with sequins is popular now. Although it looks good, it is complicated to unload. You can place a small piece of cotton soaked in nail remover and apply it quietly for a few minutes. When absorbed in the nail remover, it is much easier to remove the sequin nail polish.

3, polishing nails

It takes a short time, and the polishing process will allow blood to flow to the surface, making the nails appear beautiful pink. Even without nail polish, it is also full of healthy luster!

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4. Remove nail polish stain

Even if you are skilled in applying nail polish, you often regret using it or not applying it. In this case, you can smear nail lotion on your thumb and then gently apply the unapplied place.

5. Apply two layers of nail polish

To create a beautiful and long-lasting delicate jade finger. The nail modifier will apply two layers of nail polish, which will have a better sense of luster and will not fall off more straightforwardly than a layer of nail polish.

6. Remove calluses and dead skin

In order to make dry skin soft, the nail modifier uses a metal file to file off the calluses on the nails, of course, to apply oil when rubbing. This can prevent excessive rubbing of skin from being hurt.

7. Hand cream is shiny

Too dry hand skin will make the whole person’s skin look old and dull. The use of hand cream with a moisturizing function will make skin fresh like dew without a greasy appearance.

Manicure and beauty nail

1, trimming supplies and appliances

Such as hepatitis B, AIDS, etc. If this kind of patient causes a wound during pruning, and the pruned appliance has not been thoroughly disinfected, the next pruned person will use the same instrument. If the damage is caused again, there is the possibility of infection.

Intellectuals: Pay attention to whether the trimming utensils are clean. Some diseases are infected by blood and body fluids.

2, nail small skin function

The function of nail skin is to protect the growth center of the nail matrix below, prevent water, germs, and foreign bodies from entering the growth center, and affect nail growth. If the fingernail skin is removed or pushed back, its protective function will disappear.

Intellectuals: The chance of inflammation of the nail groove meat will increase.

3. Avoid damaging small skin

If the nail groove is repeatedly inflamed, it will eventually become chronic paronychia, causing hypertrophy and deformation of the front end of the finger. It will be challenging to return to its original state, so please try not to remove or destroy the nail skin.

4. Adhesive fake nails

Use adhesives to fix fake nails. Some bonds will damage the cutin. If used for a long time, it will cause damage to the surface of the nail and make the nail brittle and yellow. So please try to use an adhesive that will not harm the cutin.

Basic nail polish with unique colors

1. Naked pink gloss

Nude pink nail polish is painted on the fingertips to create a simple and elegant aesthetic feeling. It looks white with white hands and highlights the luxurious temperament of women. Applying it makes the fingertips glossy, charming, and gorgeous. Suitable for summer use.

2. Pink is more delicate

This pink nail polish creates a crystal-like nail polish, making the fingertips look more delicate, shining, and charming, and the pointed A has an unspeakable beauty.

3. Nude is brighter

This nude nail polish creates a delicate feeling. It has a light texture and aesthetic consistency. Applying this color makes your hands more white and bright, especially suitable for girls with dark or yellow hands.

4. Sequins highlight white

Bright nail polish is also beautiful. Applying this nail polish makes your highlight white and gives people a very visual impact, highlighting the nobility of women and having a vibrant atmosphere. Click here to view “Acrylic powder vendors” companies

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