How can nail salons improve customer satisfaction

How can nail salons improve customer satisfaction?

A well-run nail salon should be doing more business now.Nail salons with poor business may face various problems. The typical problem is that customers do not arrive at the store, or customers do not consume after arriving at the store, and cannot form a conversion. How are these situations caused and how should they be solved?

1. Customer cannot understand the cost performance of the product.


Sometimes, the customer’s price and the manicurist’s response service items are relatively high. At this time, the manicurist cannot ignore it but should start with the unique advantages of the product and the project and explain to the customer the efficacy and safety of the product and the health of the raw materials. Green, high-end, if the price is proportional to these factors, the customer’s attention will be transformed from the cost to the advantages.

2、 Secondly, we should understand the customer’s needs.

What is the difference between a nail salon and a convenience store? Customers who visit a convenience store may not have an apparent consumption demand, but they may come to see that customers who enter a nail salon must be accurate customers who need it. Therefore, manicurists should understand customers’ needs in the first place instead of rushing to sell the items they want to sell from their point of view. This requires the manicurist to have the ability to observe and communicate, to be able to accurately find the customer’s needs in the customer communication, in the service process, according to further contact, dig deep into the demand, then promote the oversized card items, the chance of success is also greater.

3. Is the way of communication

When the manicurist receives customers, the first attitude should be just the proper enthusiasm to maintain a sense of distance. There is a safe distance between people’s contact; a non-intimate relationship at a safe distance will make people feel repulsive. The manicurist should pay attention to different communication methods according to different guests. Some customers have a more internal personality. Excessive enthusiasm of the manicurist will make the guests alert. Some customers are cheerful and generous. The manicurist is too cold, which will make the guests feel cold and disrespected.

4.  Is the professional ability

Professional ability is not only reflected in technology. For guests, coming to the nail salon is, of course, to enjoy professional services, which is the most basic need. Therefore, the professional ability mentioned here is not only that the manicurist has excellent skills, but also that he should reflect his professional knowledge and accomplishment from the service, such as giving targeted professional solutions according to the specific situation of the guests.
The above methods, in the actual operation of the store, should be combined with the actual situation of their stores and teams to respond flexibly.

5.  Product stable

Excellent service also needs to be matched with stable Nail Polish Powder products. Stable products can improve the probability of customers coming to the store again. is a manufacturer of Nail Polish Powder & Cosmetic Glitter from China. With rich product experience, it will definitely provide you with perfect assistance and help you retain customers. Thank you.

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