How long can acrylic dip nails last

What are the factors that affect the durability of acrylic dip nails? How long can acrylic dip nails last?

We usually do acrylic dip nails can only keep for a period of time; everyone’s acrylic dip nails keep time is different, affect acrylic dip nails lasting factors are many, and the quality of nail polish and acrylic dip nails division artistry, their daily maintenance have a relationship.

What are the factors that affect the durability of dip nails

1, Dip nails product quality

The quality of the product is the basis of lasting, but to judge a bottle of nail polish as good or bad can not be based on the lasting degree alone. The odour, texture, condition of the brush head, fullness of the colour, quick-drying and ease of removal all need to be considered.

2. Is the operation method correct?

If dip nails fall off within a few days, the most common reasons are that the polish is not in place, the nail surface is not clean, the edges are not properly wrapped, the nails are not baked dry, etc.

3 . After acrylic dip nails, whether to pay attention to maintenance

If you do not pay attention to the daily habits and cleaning maintenance after dip nails, it will easily cause dip nails to wear and fall off. For example, you can use your fingertips to pick things, and your hands often touch water and detergents, etc.


How long do dip nails last?

With good technique, they will not fall off and will stay on for up to a month. After dip nails are done, you should pay attention to the maintenance, do not bump and touch everywhere. Just after dip nails hands, it is best to bring gloves when doing housework to avoid excessive contact with detergent nails, leading to dip nails prematurely falling off, resulting in an unsightly situation. Pay more attention to the care of your hands on a daily basis. Dead skin on the edges of your nails may make dip nails fall off and affect the aesthetics of your fingers, so rub finger edge polish more often to keep your hands fine and tender. Change the habit of doing things with your fingertips. For example, when typing on the computer, change the habit of often using your fingertips for typing and use your fingertips instead. This will avoid the long time use and lead to dip nails wear and tear.

How to choose dip nails colours for different skin tones?

1 . Dark skin tone

If the girls’ hands are dark, in addition to making the nail colour show hands white, you should also pay attention to highlighting the health of the skin tone. Try to choose a colour that matches your skin tone, such as burgundy, do not choose a colour that is far from your skin tone. If your skin is not fair enough, then the nail polish will only set off the skin more black.

2, yellowish skin tone

Black eyes, black hair, and yellow skin is the symbol of the Chinese. The girls do not have to give up on themselves because of their yellow skin. If the skin is yellow, then the grey nail is very suitable; grey is more versatile in colour. Gray can also play a brightening effect on the dark yellow, and it will look shiny.

3, the skin tone is rosy

The colour of the skin is very healthy in itself. The girls will also choose a wide range of nail colours, warm colours, and skin tones that match so that the skin has a sense of balance. Red and orange are warm colours.

4, fair complexion

If you want your fingers to look classy, you can use nude colours. Light, simple colours can always create a soft, gentle temperament, glossy and full, plus the colour difference is not strong, fingers will be more slender Oh.

How to do dip nails carving?

Tools: crystal liquid, dip powder, pen wash, dip nails, special glue, tweezers, etc.


Step 1: Before acrylic dip nails, clean and trim natural nails, do not leave them too sharp;

Step 2, to do is to do a little nail trimming oh, according to the needs of their nails and cut our nail pieces to spare.

Step 3: Use some lighter colours of delicate radiant powder to spread on the nails, and then use the red powder to make acrylic dip nails in the jointed part.

Step 4: After laying the base, you can start to carve the nails. You can choose to carve some flowers according to the colour of the powder base will be a more integrated point. After carving flowers and then to the flowers embellished with some bright shiny wax core will be more beautiful.

Step 5: After the carving is completed, you have to cut off the excess part of the nail and lay some transparent powder, and then finish the beautiful dip nails carving!

How to clean white dip nails that have turned yellow?

Wiping the surface of your nails with lemon juice on a cotton swab can effectively solve problems such as yellowing and brittle nails, keeping them shiny, healthy and non-yellowing. Take a spoon of table salt, mix it with lemon juice and apply it to your nails with a toothbrush once a day for three days; the yellowed nails will fade away. Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide 1 to 1 to remove nail staining yellowing quickly.

What to do when white frosted dip nails are dirty?

If it is ordinary dirt, gently wipe it off with a wet wipe. But the dirt that cannot be wiped off can generally only be removed by dissolving the sealer. Because frosted dip nails are no way to clean with nail wipes, no effect. Want to remove dirt can only be to replace the sealer.

What to use to dissolve the frosted sealer?

It can be used to dissolve the frosted sealer, but it is not resistant to dirt, so it is easy to get dirty, so pay special attention when using it. After removing the frosted sealer, repaint the sealer and bake it with the light therapy machine for a while.

Will dip nails darken the skin of your hands?

Doing dip nails will make the hand skin black because doing dip nails will bake the lamp. The main reason for the hand to become black is that acrylic dip nails light therapy lamp is UV lamp, UV lamp using ultraviolet lamps, long time irradiation will cause skin melanin deposits, the skin becomes black and dry. 

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