How long do acrylic dip nails have to be unloaded

How long do acrylic dip nails have to be unloaded?  How long is it better to unload dip nails? 

When it comes to dip nails, we should all be familiar with it, many ladies like to do dip nails, but after doing acrylic dip nails, you must go back to the dip nails store in time to unload nails,dip nails too long not to unload is a lot of harm.


How long is it better to remove dip nails?

Acrylic dip nails should be removed after two weeks on the hands so that it will not affect the health of the nail itself, but also to maintain the best state of dip nails, you should also establish the correct dip nails concept when doing dip nails, let the moderate nail rest.

How long does it take to remove dip nails?

Generally, you should remove them in 2~3 weeks. Because nails have a healthy growth cycle, after this cycle, acrylic dip nails will become fragile, and not timely elimination will also cause damage to fingernails.

2-3 weeks is the limit for dip nails to maintain because the role of dip nails is to make the finger look beautiful. If there is a long time without contact, If the nail is left untouched for a long time, a small gap will grow at the root of the nail.

This gap will look unsightly and will affect the dip nails, such as making cracks between the nail polish and the nail, which will not only affect the beauty but also be harmful to the nail itself. And long periods of time without removing dip nails then also because the nails inside the dirt nails become dirty, in daily life in a variety of environments that need to contact with food and drink is particularly unhygienic.

And a long time without nail contact may cause some damage to the original nail after removal, some people’s nails turn blue, and some people’s nails turn green are the negative effects of long-term non-removal of nails.

The long term non-removal of the nails may also cause the clothes to hook out of the silk, but also accidentally hooked to the skin to produce a bleeding phenomenon; this situation must be removed in a timely manner.

If you don’t remove your nails in time or go to a special store to remove them, especially if you pick them off on your own, it may not only cause the nail polish to be layered and not removed, but it may also cause damage to the fragile fingernails, and the nails will also affect people in terms of safety, for example, when hitting the keyboard acrylic dip nails state will not be so convenient and easy to finger pain.

How to store dip nails?

You can put it in a cabinet for preservation, so it will last longer, not easy to damage, and will not appear some unpleasant smell, so it is loved and highly recognized by everyone, there are many people also used this method, the effect is also very good.

Nail polish quick dry method

1, refrigerate nail polish for half an hour

In order to apply nail polish before 20-30 minutes, you can first put the nail polish in the refrigerator crisper refrigerated, refrigerated nail polish, compared to the air temperature is lower, resulting in a heat absorption effect, easy to evaporate! After brushing your nails, they will be dry in about a few dozen seconds!

2 . Apply nail polish on the vent

Although painting nail polish is a small thing, also pay attention to the “location” ah! You can choose to apply nail polish at the window, door and other vents but avoid the sun, but also to make the nail polish dry faster, in addition to a benefit: the general nail polish has a heavy smell in the vents can also let the smell drift faster, reducing the amount of inhaled respiratory nail polish smell.

3, a small amount of nail polish, multiple brushes

Nail polish brush from the nail polish take out, do not bring directly to the hand to apply, but first in the bottle “rub” off some nail polish, and then on the nail, and then wait for it to dry boy coated a second time, dropping three times – a thin coating of multiple layers. This can avoid leakage, apply out nail polish more colourful, but also make nail polish easier to dry and save time waiting for nail polish solidification.

4, after painting nails, soak in ice water

Low temperature can make the nail easier to solidify. According to this principle, after applying nail polish on your fingernails for 2-3 minutes, soak your fingers in ice water for about 1 minute. This will not only make the nail polish more “solid” but will also dry quickly. Note that in the cold water, it is best not to have ice so as not to scratch the nail polish that has not yet dried; in addition, it can not be applied immediately after the ice water. Otherwise, it is easy to let the nail polish blister off.

5 . Rely on the cold wind of the hair dryer to blow dry nail polish

Acrylic dip nails salons will use special blow dryers, but your own blow dryer can have the same effect. The trick is to use cold air. Hot air will slow down the solidification of nail polish, so use the cool air from the hairdryer to dry the nail polish quickly.

6 . Apply quick drying gloss or use nail polish quick dryer/spray

In addition, quick-drying nail polish is also a very good choice. In addition to allowing nail polish to dry in a short time, it can also form a protective film on the upper layer to achieve a longer-lasting effect of nail polish. However, quick-drying polish is not a panacea because underneath the protective film, the nail polish is still not completely solidified, and it is easy to form lumps or ripples. In addition, there are also special nail polish fast-drying “nail polish fast-drying agent” and “nail polish fast-drying spray” on the market, so that MM can be convenient and easy in a few minutes to deal with the problem of slow-drying nails polish.

7, pick fast-drying nail polish

In fact, now there is really everything on the market, still in the silly pick nail polish but do not know that there is fast-drying nail polish you can OUT? As long as you choose to apply quick-drying nail polish, it generally takes 2-3 minutes to become dry. Although it is quick-drying nail polish, you can not apply too much nail polish at once. The same need to follow the principle of “thin coating multi-layer”!  Click here to view emerald green acrylic powder

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