How should nail salons maintain customer resources

How should nail salons maintain customer resources?

A successful nail salon, no matter whether the size of the store is large or small, the passenger flow is more or less, and their common feature is to have a group of loyal customers. to share, in terms of maintaining old customers, nail salon should do?

Customer segmentation

The first step in our maintenance of old customers is to classify customers.

1. Senior Member

Such members consume frequently and in large amounts, are an essential source of profit for nail salons, and should focus on maintaining relationships with them.

2. Ordinary Members

For such customers, we have to find ways to develop them into senior members.

3. I have spent several times but have not become a member.

This kind of card is a potential customer, and we need to look for the reason why they did not apply for a card; for example, because the card opening price is high, we can adjust the amount of card opening according to the situation.

Serve customers

After subdividing customers, different services should be provided to customers of different grades.

1. Create personal files for customers


Query and classify the amount of customer consumption, determine the level of customer consumption, and accurately understand the customer’s consumption ability.


Understand the customer’s preferences, such as the manicure style, manicure colour, etc. The communication and communication that you like can strengthen the customer’s loyalty to the manicure shop.


In the process of many services, the manicurist should record the nail problem of the customer, and the most suitable type A, colour, style, hand and foot care methods, etc., to provide more intimate service to the customer.

2, let the old customers feel more intimate service

The significance of customer classification is to provide different services to customers of different grades. All cardmembers can enjoy more advanced services than ordinary consumers, but members with different card quotas have to be distinguished.

(1) Membership Proprietary Services


Professional services: nail tools, consumables 1 one customer, one use.

Periodic return visit: 3-5 days after the old customer has finished her manicure, she can make a telephone return visit to inquire about her manicure situation and solve the problems in time.

Regular care: communicate with customers frequently through WeChat, such as sending some good-looking nail art pictures to customers regularly and informing them of special offers and other information in time.

(2) Upgrade Service for Senior Members

In addition to having all the interests and professional services of ordinary members, senior members should also provide some more distinguished services to reflect the special features of senior members.

Holiday gifts: on holidays, member days and member birthdays, you can provide free value-added rewards such as hand protection or foot protection for senior members.

Give back to customers.

The cost of developing a new customer is about many times the cost of maintaining an old customer, so this requires the nail salon to give timely feedback to customers with a higher loyalty.

1. Coupon/Discount Coupon

Giving coupons to old customers can be used for cash next time.

2. integral system

You can exchange points for consumption, and you can exchange a certain amount of points for free payment opportunities or for services such as hand and foot care.

3, help belt

Old customers introduce new customers to the store to spend, and you can get a discount or small gifts.

4. Hold regular sharing meetings

Regular monthly nail art and eyelash knowledge lectures and sharing meetings are held to invite old customers to chat with the store, which can enhance the understanding of customers and enhance their sense of identity with the store.

Is alcohol enough for the disinfection of nail tools?

The manicurist must clean and disinfect the manicure tools before doing the manicure. This is not only the performance that the manicurist is responsible for the health of the customer but also deeply related to the manicurist’s own health. Let’s follow to see how disinfection is professional enough!

Common disinfection method

Disinfection can be divided into physical disinfection and chemical disinfection.

Physical disinfection method

Boil nail tools directly, or put them into a steam disinfection cabinet and ultraviolet disinfection cabinet.

Chemical disinfection method

Soak the nail tool in a 75℃ alcohol solution or disinfectant, or put it in an ozone disinfection cabinet.

Tool disinfection

Unclean nail tools are easy to carry bacteria, so we must change them one by one, disinfect used tools, cover all containers, and preferably use one-time tools.

Metal tools

Daily disinfection method: wash with detergent-wipe with 75℃ alcohol for disinfection-wipe-put into disinfection cabinet for sterilisation-keep

Disinfection of hand skin and nails

Disinfection of hands

Before disinfection, it is best not to wear any items on your hands. Watches or rings will hinder the cleaning and disinfection of your fingers, and it is easy to increase the possibility of skin bacteria.

Daily disinfection method: wash hands with hand sanitiser-wipe hands and nails with cotton dipped in disinfectant.
Nails are easy to hide dirt, so use a dust brush or cotton sheet to completely remove the dust, and then use alcohol and other disinfectants to disinfect. Note that the disinfected nails must not be touched with fingers, and be sure to give the nail surface a time to wait for drying.
Daily disinfection method: wash with detergent-wipe and disinfect with 75 alcohol – wipe and disinfect method diagram.

What should I do if I accidentally hurt my finger during a manicure?

1 .In operation, once the finger is injured and bleeding, the nail service should be stopped immediately, wiped and disinfected, then applied anti-infection drugs, and then bandaged. Among them, different potions can be used to treat different wounds.

(1)hydrogen peroxide

They are used for cleaning and disinfection stab wounds, cuts and other types of wounds.


They are used to disinfect small wounds and surrounding skin.

(3)Yunnan Baiyao

It is powder-like and is used for hemostasis of wounds. Attention should be paid to the instructions when using it.

(4)External medicine for preventing infection

Used for rubbing after hemostasis to prevent wound infection

2. If you have come into contact with blood, liquid and other dirt that can be distinguished by naked eyes or cannot be removed by ordinary wiping disinfectant, please use a flowing water source and soap to wash your hands for more than 15 seconds. Both manicurists and guests can perform the same disinfection procedures.

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