How to open a nail salon. nail art

How to open a nail salon?


In the face of such a huge female consumer market, investors from all walks of life are gearing up to enter or have entered, but the primary model of relying solely on profiteering and speculative management is no longer feasible. So, what does it take to attract customers? Professional, sincere, and value-added, the future development of the nail art industry will take branding, specialization and scale in the mainstream direction. to share.

The operation positioning of nail art shops will take the following forms:

1. Strong brand management

2. The nail art service demonstration store of the product company

3. Comprehensive nail shop integrating nail service

4. Reputation stores named by personal brands

Note: The more accurate the positioning of the nail shop, the easier it will be remembered by customers. The ability to provide personalized value-added services is the winning point for nail art stores!

Understand the psychology of customers and how they view nail shops

Consumers usually pay attention to the following points when choosing nail art shops:

(1) Look at the professional level of nail art shops;

(2) Look at the service level of nail art shops;

(3) look at the environment of nail art shops;

(4) the ability and fame of manicurists in nail art shops;

Consumers have several requirements for nail art shops:

(1) General consumers hope that nail art shops will improve their professional skills;

(2) Some people hope that the service environment of nail art shops will be improved;

(3) Most people want nail shops to improve the service level of manicurists

(4) Many consumers want nail shops to improve the overall quality of manicurists;

(5) There are also some customers who hope that nail shops can improve the types of services.

More than 60% of customers are dissatisfied with the service and overall quality of our manicurists and hope to be improved, which also reflects the reason for the loss of our customers from the side.

The way customers choose nail art shops:

(1) The majority of people accepted through their own detailed understanding and personal experience;

(2) Part of the acceptance through the introduction of the manicurist;

(3) Accepted through the introduction of friends and account for another part;
(4) Some are attracted by watching magazines, TV and advertisements.

The vast majority of customers think that the service level of manicurists is average, which poses a challenge to our industry. Whoever can satisfy most customers will have the opportunity to have a huge market. It is a question that every operator of us should ponder deeply.

Why is the manicurist so mobile?

1) The employees are young and lack social experience;

(2) The job skill is not high, but I want to find a better job at any time;

(3) The nail shop is too small, and the environment is monotonous. Eager to go to the big nail shop;

(4) The boss is inexperienced and frequently changes the salary and commission of employees, giving employees a sense of distrust;

(5) New competitors are constantly emerging.

Their high salary level, a good environment for shop decoration, and leading materials and equipment are all attractive to young manicurists. In this industry, good shops have made a lot of efforts in personnel training, and they also have their own methods to retain those excellent manicurists. However, in those shops that lack management and sincerity, there are still a large number of manicurists lost. There are many reasons for this. As our operators alone, should we review ourselves? What is the position of our employees in our hearts? Understand what is the ideal choice in our employees’ hearts and how to solve the most fundamental problems in reality.

What does the most popular nail shop service look like?

(1) In nail art shops, the skills and services of manicurists and manicurist assistants need to be well-matched with the needs of customers. No matter which store, to create a good service environment, all employees need to cooperate actively.
(2) Every manicurist must be very clear about their work and be able to complete it well.
(3) Both the customer and the manicurist have very reasonable expectations. The customer will not expect the manicurist to be his slave and command as he wants. Employees will not be upset and often want to change their bosses or raise their wages.
(4) The manicurist can accurately grasp the customer’s needs and establish the customer’s trust in himself, thus making the customer believe that this is a professional manicure shop.
(5) Every manicurist should believe that the service she provides to the customer is what the customer needs and is beneficial to the customer, rather than thinking that she is deceiving the customer’s money. Sincerity is not only the performance of the manicurist to the customers but also a kind of reputation that every manicurist builds on the character. Every manicurist is a witness to the personality of the boss. Therefore, the judge and choose their own future. From this point of view alone, the manicure shop with a large loss of staff is either the owner’s ability or the owner’s character.
(6) The manicurist should learn to communicate effectively with the customer. While learning effective communication skills, he should also learn to empathize and understand the customer’s needs from the customer’s point of view so as to meet the customer’s needs truly.
(7) A relationship of trust and conviction should be maintained between the manicurist and the customer. The affection and hot Qian showed by the manicurist to the customers can only make the customers trust. In fact, this is also a kind of professional attitude. Most manicurists can do this. However, our customers still need us to show a professional side in the process of communication so as to make them customers feel convinced. But pay attention; too affectionate between customers and manicurists will make customers lose the distance to the nail shop. Thus there is no way to talk about the price and, at the same time, lose our professionalism. Therefore, we should improve our professionalism and let our guests pay for our professionalism.
(8) Nail art shops should have their own values and cultural standards, and all manicurists should understand the goals and directions of business operations and services.
(9) Nail art shops should have an accurate and unique business positioning so as to make the enterprise invincible in the competition.

market positioning

If you want to open a nail salon, before opening a shop, you should first do market research to understand the consumption characteristics of potential nail salon consumers in your city and region and make an accurate positioning for the nail salon. It is necessary to clearly know the consumption power, consumption psychology and consumption habits of these potential consumers and then make targeted preparations.

The position of the nail salon

The location of the nail salon is very important, and it is also the key to the success or failure of the nail salon. Now that the era of “wine is not afraid of deep alleys”, if the address is too remote, it will affect your passenger flow and naturally greatly affect your business conditions. According to the current consumption habits in the nail art market, nail art stores should be selected as the bottom merchants of medium and high-grade department stores, commercial pedestrian streets or high-grade office buildings (high-grade communities).

Professional training

Real nail art is not an industrialized product but a humanized service. Only first-class technology can provide first-class service. If you think you can make money by buying a nail machine and setting up a table, you are wrong. Just like a work of art and its printed copy, it may be a picture of the same content, but it is a difference in value between heaven and earth. How can people who really have the ability to consume nail art services endure that you can copy continuously?

Only those who have mastered professional nail art technology are qualified to provide customers with this personalized service. In order to master professional nail art technology, one must study in a company or school with many years of training experience in China. After one or two months of professional study, senior manicurists can master professional-level French crystal nail art and other nail art skills, learn how to use professional nail art products and communicate with customers.

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