How to repair the hand after the manicure

How to repair the hand after the manicure


In order to make the primer applied on our fingers dry faster when doing nails, an ultraviolet lamp will be used to irradiate, but this ultraviolet lamp is harmful to our skin. We should repair our hand skin through some methods. Share by

How to repair the black roasted hand after the manicure

It turns out that the commonly used nail art material is primer. To make the primer dry quickly, nail art shops are generally equipped with UVA lamps, namely nail art lamps, which are actually ultraviolet lamps. The light effect coagulation glue in the nail polish glue will quickly cure under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, but after the ultraviolet rays are directly irradiated on the skin for a long time, the skin of the hands will turn black, just like the skin will turn black after the sun is irradiated in summer.

In order to avoid this situation, Xiaobian suggests that when you have a manicure, you should first apply some sunscreen on your hands. Pay attention to this detail so that your fingers will not be “tanned”.

Long-term use of UV lights does make your hands black.
A nail lamp is an important tool to cure the gel. Currently commonly used nail art lamps include UV lamps, CCFL lamps and LED lamps. The UV lamp is short for ultraviolet lamp tubes. The UV lamp commonly used in nail art is a hot cathode fluorescent lamp, which emits UVA (long wave ultraviolet). Longwave ultraviolet can reach the deep dermis and cause skin melanosis, making the skin black and dry!

How to whiten your hands

Step 1: Cleaning and Exfoliating Purpose: Deeply clean the skin of the hands and remove the old cutin of the hands. Methods: Remove the rings and other ornaments on your hands and clean the skin of your hands with clean water. After that, the hand exfoliating cream is applied to the hands. After a gentle pat and massage, the old exfoliation of the hands is completely shed, showing a healthy and natural delicate colour.

Step 2: Massage Purpose: Improve hand fatigue, activate hand cells, promote blood circulation, and promote the absorption of white ingredients in essential oils. Methods: Pour the massage essential oil on the palm of the hand, and then massage the acupoints along the arm to the palm and fingers.

Step 3: Apply the hand mask Purpose: To completely absorb the moisturizing and whitening ingredients in the hand mask when the hands are isolated from the air. Method: Apply a thick layer of whitening hand mask on your hands, and cooperate with a simple massage. After 15 minutes, clean your hands. Step 4: Moisturizing hands Objective: Moisturizing and whitening hand skin Method: Apply hand-specific whitening lotion evenly on the back of the hand and massage gently until absorbed.

How to make your hands white and tender

1 Labor protection: When doing housework, first apply a layer of hand cream, and then wear gloves, preferably the outer rubber and inner cotton, so that some chemical products such as detergent and washing powder can be isolated from the damage to the skin of the hand. If the time is relatively long, you should also take off your gloves every half hour to let your hands breathe.

2 Exfoliation: If calluses have grown on your hands, you can remove them with pumice after soaking them in warm water. Remember to do special care for your hands once a week to exfoliate, massage your hands with a small amount of scrub cream for 10-15 minutes to remove dead skin on your hands, then soak in warm water with olive oil for 5 minutes, and finally dry and apply hand cream.

Regular massage: use your spare time watching TV to do a simple massage. Grasp the two sides of the fingers of the other hand with the thumb and index finger of one hand, and gently pull from the finger root to the fingertip. Do each finger 2-3 times, alternating left and right hands to help promote blood circulation and prevent hand swelling. Or imitate the movement of playing the piano, let the fingers bend and move repeatedly; you can exercise the hand joints and build the hand shape.

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