How to wash off after a manicure

How to wash off after a manicure? Caramel nail art style 

Manicure is a thing that many female friends are very keen on. We all know that there are many colours and styles of manicures. It is winter now. Caramel colour has always been a popular colour in winter. How to wash it off after shares a manicure today? Caramel nail style

How to wash off after manicure

1. Nail salon cleaning.

The nail polish washing water can only wash off the nail polish, depending on whether the nail polish is used to make the pattern on the nail, other patches, crystal or phototherapy. If it is nail polish, use nail polish remover. If it’s a patch or crystal, phototherapy. I have to go to a professional nail salon to remove it.

2. Clean yourself.

If you want to clean it yourself, you can use sand strips to polish off the sealing layer on your nails and then use nail polish to clean it. Be careful not to use too much force when polishing to avoid damaging your nails.

Caramel nail art pictures


Remember to do hand care regularly.

1、 Clean and exfoliate

Objective: To deeply clean the skin of hands and remove the old cutin of hands.Methods: Remove the rings and other ornaments on your hands and clean the skin of your hands with clean water. After that, the hand exfoliating cream is applied to the customer’s hands. After a gentle pat and massage, the old exfoliation of the hands is wholly shed, showing a healthy and natural delicate colour. Time spent: 15 minutes.


Objective: To improve hand fatigue, activate hand cells, promote blood circulation, and promote the absorption of white components in essential oil.Methods: Pour the massage essential oil on the palm, and then massage the acupoints along the arm to the palm and fingers. Time spent: about 15-20 minutes.

3、Apply hand mask

Objective: To completely absorb the moisturizing and whitening ingredients in the hand mask when the hands are isolated from the air.Method: Apply a thick layer of whitening hand mask on your hands, and cooperate with a simple massage. After 15 minutes, clean your hands. Time spent: 15 minutes.

4、Turn to hands

Objective: Moisturizing and whitening hand skin Method: Apply hand-specific whitening lotion evenly on the back of the hand and massage gently until absorbed

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