Manicure dead skin removal with what to cut dead skin

Manicure dead skin removal with what to cut dead skin?


When we do Manicure, the Manicure artist will first remove the dead skin on our nails; Manicure softening nail removal is a very necessary step; manicuring dead skin can be removed with dead skin removal scissors.

Manicure dead skin with what to remove

1. the non-woven fabric will be spread flat folded, and then the thumb set into it, then put away the excess so that the thumb fingertips against the non-woven fabric. Spray an appropriate amount of alcohol on the non-woven fabric

2. Open the palm of the left hand, pinch the guest’s finger with the thumb and index finger, and hold the other hand with the remaining three fingers.

3. squeeze the guest’s fingers, follow the direction of the dead skin scissors, and flat cut. Be careful not to cut intermittently, but try to cut in a line.

4. cut to half of the back edge of the fingertip, and stop. Switch to the other side of the cut, and also cut the same to the middle.

5. after cutting, and then dispose of some small fragments of dead skin flakes. You can use the alcohol on the non-woven fabric to gently wipe the nail surface.

Which comes first, cutting the dead skin or fixing the shape?

Repair the shape first.

1. Disinfect yourself and the customer’s hands with disinfectant water to remove bacteria and fungus from the nail and hand surface. b. Disinfect the Manicure tool with a spray bottle.

2. If there is nail polish on the customer’s nails, use nail shampoo to clean it off first.

3. According to the shape of the customer’s hand, use a manicured strip to trim out a beautiful shape.

4. Apply softener evenly around the nail and use dead skin push to push up dead skin and cuticles.

5. Use 4 in 1 polishing block, narrow side black, first polish the nail sheet flat, because our nails grow out will have a striped road, sanding and polishing will polish the nail flat, smooth, help us better paint a beautiful nail, polishing pay attention to the strength and uniformity.

6. with a cotton swab, dip a little wax into the nail. With a wax strip, evenly open the can. Wax can increase the brightness of the nail and hardness to make the nail look.

7. Use nutritional oil, apply it to the place where you have just gone to cuticles and dead skin, then massage until it is absorbed to promote healthy nail growth and prevent the birth of barbs.

8. calcium oil, also known as calcium base oil beggar oil, can play a protective nail in preventing nails from yellowing with no lustre.

9. the number of times to brush the oil is also delicate. Generally, three brushes are repeatedly painted, so it is easy to dissolve the colour with the bottom. The colour is not uniform. (Brush the middle first)

10. bright oil is to play a role in blocking nail polish to prevent the colour from falling off. Why coated with bright oil, colour also off, and still from the fingertips off, this also has two reasons, the first is MM brush colour unevenly, the fingertip part of the brush thick, of course, it is easy to fall off, and another is to apply the bright oil when there is no edge, the edge means that the first bright oil, lateral to the fingertip part of the brush, like a package of edge, so it is not easy to fall off from the fingertips.

What colour nails look good in autumn and winter?

1. gentle temperament colour

When it comes to gentle temperament Manicure colour, many ladies’ hearts of the first choice is estimated to be milk tea colour, and milk tea colour is indeed a very gentle colour. The most important thing is that milk tea colour, due to low colour saturation, will not look hand black. Of course, the milk tea colour can also be used as a base colour, the appropriate addition of some glitter, but also for the autumn and winter plus a bright. However, the temperament of the gentle and lovely colour is not only a milk tea colour oh, and it with a little brown tone of caramel colour. The caramel colour is a very interesting colour and feels a little red tone. This colour also does not look hand black, as suitable for commuting, of course, milk curry colour can also be used alternately with it, coated with it, you are the most gentle lady oh.

2. Queen of the field colour

Speaking of autumn and winter queen colours, the most impressive is the carrion colour, red tone inside with some purple, but the two colours are just right so that the queen temperament to show. And the carrion colour can be said to be the most non-naughty colour, white skin painted on it can be more white, yellow skin painted on it can become white skin, commuting is not very suitable for it, but in the bouncy time with it, you are the queen. In addition to the carrion colour, dark green is also a very feminine, very queenly aura colour. The dark green Manicure with a black coat obviously feels like walking with the wind. And although the dark green Manicure is not as high-profile compared to the carrion colour, but more like the queen behind the low-key white-collar essential colour.

3. sweet macaron colour

Autumn and winter there is a very girly colour. Although autumn and winter can not use bright girl pink, girls do not have to be discouraged. Another lovely macaron colour system is still applicable, such as taro purple and so on. Don’t worry that the macaron colour will show your hands black first, do your homework beforehand and choose the right macaron colour for you!

Diamond Manicure how to clean

1. choose the right tool

Let’s try the first step to breaking down the jewellery with the method of clamping off the metal ring, the tool used is the discarded dead skin scissors. (Dead skin scissors are relatively small, and the operation can be precisely positioned, even after the abandonment, it is also a good tool to cut jewellery.) After a few attempts to wrap the jewellery found that the glue is too thick, and dead skin shears cut on it will slip! After abandoning the dead skin scissors, we used a pair of scissors designed for cutting ornaments, which has a long handle and a pointed tip, making it more powerful than dead skin scissors when applying the same force. It only takes one click to separate the glue that connects the nail surface to the ornament.

2. Cut from the corner of the ornament

No matter which tool you use, you should start with the “corner” first. The force exerted by the scissors’ mouth is uniformly aimed at a weak corner, which will be more efficient than aiming at a “side” operation; this can also be done to a certain extent to prevent the scissor’s slippage situation.

3. grasp the strength

Of course, you must also grasp the force, not the pursuit of a time to cut the jewellery, which is likely to force too hard and hurt the nail. Also, please pay attention to the feelings of the guests, whether shrinking hands or showing pain, as a reference to determine whether they have touched the nail.

4. Disintegrate the ornament step by step

After cutting the glue, try to cut and disintegrate the ornament with scissors, then pull the metal ornament in a small way to separate it from the nail surface with a reaming technique. After hinging up a section of metal jewellery, cut it off promptly and proceed to the next section, repeating the disintegration steps until the removal is complete. It is best not to pull down all the metal jewellery at once, and one is not easy to grasp the strength, may peel off the metal jewellery at the same time hurt the surface nail, the second is convenient to control the knife, more secure some.

5. Polish the glue connection

It is difficult to remove the nail water through the glue on the nail surface, so after removing the jewellery from the nail surface, the first thing you need to do is to remove the adhesive glue. Use a coarse sanding strip to throw away the residual glue on the nail surface, which is a safe and efficient method.

6. Sand until you see the colour glue colour in the dust

During the sanding process, how can you tell that you have reached the colour glue layer without hurting your nails by over-sanding? When you see the dust from the sanding and the colour glue colour dust, it shows that you have sanded to the colour glue layer, and you can stop.

7. Remove the dust and remove the nail normally

Once the colour gel layer is exposed, the Manicure artist can remove the dust and wrap the nail removal kit or tinfoil for normal nail removal.  Click here for wholesale nail art nail polish from manufacturer

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