nail art marketing strategy sharing

nail art marketing strategy sharing


The nail art industry belongs service industry. The service products produced cannot be stored and transported.

This is the biggest difference between physical products. Therefore, service products cannot appear in the market in a balanced manner.

The supply of services is inelastic, and the supply curve of services is usually a straight line. However, customers’ demand for service varies greatly due to time.

How to face the fluctuation of demand is the most difficult problem for nail art operators. sharing

Marketing Strategy of Nail Shop

(I) learn the experience of others. In the era of the knowledge economy, in order to develop and operate, the most important thing is to attract more foreign things and learn from them the experience suitable for the operation of their own nail salons. Don’t stick to the old rules, don’t be a frog in the bottom of the well.

(II) consider operating more than 80% of high-efficiency nail salons. There is such a problem that the turnover has increased, but the number of customers has decreased. As the number of customers has decreased, the nail salon is lifeless and not angry.

Due to rising prices, employees all want to raise wages, and operators have to find ways to meet employees’ salary increase requirements in order to increase their enthusiasm, so it won’t be easy to operate. If the social situation is unstable and prices rise, customers will also reduce the number of visits to nail salons. For now, the frequency and amount of consumption of customers will be reduced.

(III) benefits are based on service. In order to attract customers to consume, in addition to adopting a low-price strategy, the most important thing is to pay attention to the quality of service and hygiene so that customers can feel that nail salon consumption is a kind of enjoyment. Service quality is the basic skill to attract customers.

(IV) are full of confidence in the future, and the power generated by the arrival of opportunities is a success. To break through the bottleneck of nail salon operation, we must have full confidence in our past technology and future technology and encourage all employees to work together.

(V) and Reasonable Regulation of Supply and Demand

1. Change the customer’s demand time

A. The implementation of differential pricing in the peak demand period, the price set higher, in the off-peak price set lower, increase the basic off-peak customers, so that the nail shop facilities and personnel are balanced use.
B. Develop off-peak services to stimulate demand. Some special or new services can be added during off-peak periods. For example, nail salons can give coupons and small gifts to off-peak customers.
C. Provision of auxiliary services during peak periods In order to temporarily alleviate the contradiction of short supply, temporary and auxiliary services can be provided for customers to enjoy while waiting in order to retain customers.

2. Adjust the service supply of enterprises

A. Adjust the supply time and place of services, such as extending business hours from holidays and adding temporary service outlets.
B encourage customer participation, that is, encourages customers to assist service personnel in completing some corresponding cooperation work so as to increase mutual trust.
C. Hire some temporary part-time employees, such as part-time workers, to increase the supply of services during peak periods when the supply of temporary workers is tight.
D. strengthen the training of the employees of the nail salon so that the employees can become versatile and versatile and supplement the shortage of personnel in other departments at any time.

(VI) adopt an appropriate price strategy

1. Prestige Pricing If a nail salon has a high reputation, even if the price is high, people are willing to patronize, and some customers want to buy high-priced services to improve or show their status and reputation.

2. The service items of the nail salon are complex and diverse, and the quality is uneven. Consumers can easily feel the subtle differences in the price, so there is no need to set the price too fine.

Generally, service products can be divided into several grades, and each grade can set a price. For example, pricing is based on the employee’s title. (Manicurists, senior manicurists, manicurists, manicurists, etc., establish service pricing and carry out title listing services.)

(VII) Strengthening Quality Management Service quality consists of four major elements:

1. Service facilities
That is an investment in fixed assets such as service premises and service equipment.

2. Service materials
That is the formation of material components in service products, such as cosmetics, skincare products, etc.

3. Explicit services
Refers to visible services, such as clean and tidy nail salons, clean and hygienic appliances, etc.

4. Implicit services
Refers to the customer’s psychological feelings, such as the degree of attention, the satisfaction of social status, etc.

The strengthening of quality management in nail salons should start with the following aspects:

A. the assembly line method is applied to the service industry to develop a standard service process.
B. where possible, replace people with machines because the quality of service provided by the machine is much more stable for the line team.
C. establish communication channels between the nail art industry and customers because the quality of service depends to a certain extent on the subjective identification of customers.

(VIII) attention is paid to the promotion of nail salons. In order to carry out effective marketing, it is necessary to combine strategies from different angles and form a joint force in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

1. To carry out visual publicity is to link nail service with a tangible object for publicity. For example, service personnel are required to have distinctive uniforms and, dress neatly; design mascots or signs that represent nail salons.
2. Pay attention to the promotion of service providers (such as the promotion of the skills and reputation of a nail technician, etc.)
3. Pay attention to the promotion of the nail salon’s own image.
4. Is invisible service tangible. (For example, design a symbolic logo for each service project to enhance consumer preferences.)

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