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Welcome to our glittering universe! At the GalGlitter Company in Shenzhen, China, we are committed to offering our consumers cosmetic glitter of the highest quality at wholesale prices. Our glitter is ideal for all sorts of cosmetic applications, from eye tints to lipsticks and beyond.

As a reputable provider of cosmetic glitter, we recognize the significance of both quality and affordability. Our glitter is sourced from the finest materials and produced to the highest standards in our Shenzhen, China factory. We are pleased to offer glitter in a variety of sizes and hues to meet every need and preference.

Why Opt for Our Glitter?

We believe that our glitter’s superior quality speaks for itself. Our cosmetic glitter is manufactured with precision to ensure particle size and shape consistency, resulting in flawless application every time. Additionally, our glitter is simple to apply and combines seamlessly with other cosmetics.

Glitter is available in bulk quantities, making it ideal for cosmetics artists, small enterprises, and enthusiasts. Our prices are incomparable, and we assure the utmost quality of our glitter.

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Our Selection of Glitters

Our Shenzhen factory manufactures a vast assortment of cosmetic glitter in a variety of hues and sizes. Our selection of fine, massive, and ultra-fine glitters are all ideal for creating striking cosmetic styles. Our glitters can also be used in arts and crafts, making them an adaptable addition to any collection.

We also carry glitter mixtures, which are ideal for adding depth to your cosmetics styles. Our glitter mixtures have been meticulously curated to ensure that they complement one another, making it effortless to create dazzling designs.

Our Service

At the GalGlitter Company, we take great pride in our superior customer service. Our team in Shenzhen is always available to address any concerns you may have and provide guidance regarding the glitter that best meets your requirements. Additionally, we offer speedy and dependable transportation, ensuring that your order will arrive promptly.

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