“Novice Must” manicures Started Tips; Learning Is Earned!

“Novice Must” manicures Started Tips; Learning Is Earned!


Many people think that manicures are very simple and can be operated by themselves at home, but you must know that amateur and professional are two different things.
To become a professional manicurist, you need to go through systematic training and learning to improve your skills.
As a professional manicurist, it is essential to understand basic nail art knowledge.
Today, let’s get together with galglitter.com to learn the basic nail art knowledge!

1. manicure

Square armor: The two sides are straight, and the front two corners are right angles, which are easy to break and have a distinctive personality.

Suitable for people: nails with longer nails and more extensive nail beds can narrow nails visually.

Trimming method: polish horizontally from both sides to the middle, polish the two sides to a right angle of 90 degrees, polish to a reasonable length and shape, tilt the nail file and shine the right tips on both sides slightly obliquely.

Val nail: The front end of the pin is trimmed into an egg shape, and the side presents an arc toward the center.

Suitable for people: people who want to have short nails or small hands and fat hands are not exaggerated.

Trimming technique: polish horizontally from both sides to the middle until the two sides are symmetrical. Continue to polish from the edge to the center to make the outer edge of the nail appear oval.

Square and round armor: the front end of the nail measuring line is all straight, and the intersection of the front end and the measuring tube is arc-shaped.

Suitable for the crowd: Ideal for most people.

Trimming technique: first, grind out the square (polish from both sides to the middle, and polish 90 掳 right angles on both sides), and round the right angles until the outer edge appears ellipse. (The characteristic of the square nail is that there are still noticeable straight lines on both sides, so don’t grind the edges too smooth.

Trapezoidal armor: Based on square armor, the positions from both sides to the fingertips are narrower, making the fingers more slender.

Suitable for people: ideal for all finger shapes, highlighting the slender fingers, but suitable for European and American styles, not very daily.

Trimming technique: first grind out the square, then polish the two sides slightly to the middle, trim burrs, and pay attention to smooth lines on both sides of the trapezoid.

Rop A: Personality A, the nail tip contact area is small and easy to break but highly ornamental.

Suitable for people: Suitable for people with thick nails and long nails.

Trimming technique: carefully polish the two sides of the nail to show an asymmetrical, thinner, and thinner shape, and shine a cone from both sides to the center until you get a good effect.

2. manicure type

solid color nail art: only apply color and do not make style nail art; versatile and straightforward is the most common type of nail art.

Painted nail art: Use painted glue and acrylic paint to draw patterns on the nail surface.Such as flowers and plants, characters, cartoons, etc.After painting, add a layer of bright oil and dry it.

Crystal nail art: It is the most popular nail art technology. The crystal nail color is crystal clear and versatile. After being baked by an ultraviolet lamp, it is hard, bright, and malleable.

Phototherapy nail art: 

it is Advanced simulation technology that coagulates phototherapy gel through photosynthesis through ultraviolet rays. It uses pure natural resin materials, has the function of protecting the nail surface, and can also correct type A. But it is more difficult to unload.

Atch nail art: Use professional patch glue to stick the nail piece on the nail’s surface to create a slender A piece. The nail piece can be divided into three types: full patch, half patch, and French patch. The disadvantage is poor air permeability.

3. nail tools

rimming tools: nail clippers, steel pushes, dead skin clippers, dead skin forks.

Rinding tools:
rub strip, sponge rub, polish strip.

Unscreen tools: mittens, black tape.

Leaning tools: dust brush, cleaning cotton, alcohol.

Removal tools:
sander, armor removal piece, drill removal pliers.

Commonly used brushes: painted pens, point pens, round headlight therapy pens.

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