Recommended Specifications

  • New Arrivals Wholesale Symphony Glitter Chunky Irregular Glitter OEMODM For Nail And Makeup Factory
    Holographic Glitter Powder
  • Decoration Body Hair Decoration Glitters For Nails-x
    Holographic Glitter Powder
  • Wholesale Bulk Holographic 0b
    Holographic Glitter Powder
  • Glow In Dark Polyester Bulk Glitter01
    Glow in the Dark Nail Powder
  • Color Change Glitter
    Color change Cosmetic Glitter

Classification of Cosmetic Glitter

Cosmetic Glitter from China manufacturer is the leading producer of Cosmetic-grade Glitter in China. Whatever your needs in Chunky Solvent Resistant Glitter, Color Change Cosmetic Glitter, Eyes face makeup body Glitter, Solvent Resistant Glitter, Heteromorphic Glitter, Holographic Glitter, Luminescence Cosmetic Glitter, Our craft is of high quality and can produce stable and high-quality products.
Colour of cosmetic grade solvent resistant glitter:
White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Brown, Gray, Black, Metallic
BlueSpecification and shape of cosmetic grade solvent resistant glitter:
Fine, Chunky, Irregular Flakes, Holographic Series, Shape, Biodegradable, Color shifting, Holographic, Metallic, Rainbow & Iridescent, Neon & Fluorescent, Hexagon, Square, Flower, Star, Flakes
We Supply Cosmetic-grade Glitter In 1KG, 5KG, 25KG Bulk… Also, We Do Private Label/Custom Logo For All The Clients From All Over The World With Different Requirements.

Cosmetic Glitter Powder recipe & One-Stop Colors Solutions

Production Video

FQA of Cosmetic Glitter

Yes, We accept custom package box with your own logo. When the quantity of your order reaches to 1000pcs, we can do packaging
with your own design. The price of the box is based on style and material.

 If we have the sample in stock and just general products, we will provide free samples. if not,we need samples fee, the sample
fee will return back after place an official order to us! Express fee is paid by the customer.

To make an order, please follow these steps:
1) Look at our catalog
2) Email us the the code of the style you wish to order with the quantity needed for each style.
3) We will reply with a price quotation
4) Confirm your order
5) We will inform you the “ready date”
6) Arrange payment for your order