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  • Introduction of GalGlitter Glitter

    Read More is the leading producer of Cosmetic-grade Glitter in China. Whatever your needs in Chunky Solvent Resistant Glitter, Color Change Cosmetic Glitter, Eyes face makeup body Glitter, Solvent Resistant Glitter, Heteromorphic Glitter, Holographic Glitter, Luminescence Cosmetic Glitter, Our craft is of high quality and can produce stable and high-quality products.

    Colour of cosmetic grade solvent resistant glitter:

    White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Brown, Gray, Black, Metallic
    BlueSpecification and shape of cosmetic grade solvent resistant glitter:

    Fine, Chunky, Irregular Flakes, Holographic Series, Shape, Biodegradable, Color shifting, Holographic, Metallic, Rainbow & Iridescent, Neon & Fluorescent, Hexagon, Square, Flower, Star, Flakes
    We Supply Cosmetic-grade Glitter In 1KG, 5KG, 25KG Bulk… Also, We Do Private Label/Custom Logo For All The Clients From All Over The World With Different Requirements.

    Cosmetic Glitter Powder recipe & One-Stop Colors Solutions

  • What is Glitter Powder?

    Glitter is also known as Glitter, gold flake, silver flake, gold and silver powder, gold powder, silver powder, glitter powder, glitter flakes, gold dots, silver dots, Glitter, glitter end, polycrystalline powder, which is made of imported pet polyester film cut by precision machinery with uniform specifications of Glitter. Gold onion glitter is widely used. There are two common varieties, respectively, hexagonal Glitter, quadrangular Glitter, and round Glitter. The material has a pet, opp, alum, aluminum, etc.; the color has gold, silver, red, blue, green, seven colors, illusion, laser, etc. Its material plus the surface protection layer will make the color bright, and the environmental climate and the temperature of mild corrosion also have a certain resistance and temperature resistance—various colors and materials of gold onion glitter.

    GalGlitter Glitter powder is a cosmetic product that contains glitter particles to achieve a localized shimmering effect, and Glitter is used to bringing shine to the skin, increasing its brightness and making it sparkle and shine immediately.

    GalGlitter Glitter powder is made of aluminum, polyester, PVC, PET, laser film, colorful film, luminous film, reflective film, pearl film, and other plating materials of different colors, respectively, by vacuum aluminum plating, printing, slitting, drawing, powdering five procedures of precision processing. It can produce mirror-like shining reflective light. Its surface layer is brilliant and thorough, forming countless highly sparkling through the refraction and reflection of light, thus producing endless rainbow changes.

    Glitter made of aluminum wafers can withstand temperatures up to 250°C and is resistant to acids and bases. Glitter made of the polyester wafer can withstand 170℃ and is resistant to acid and alkali. Glitter made of PET is resistant to 50℃-70℃, but not too acid and alkali. The product is non-toxic and odorless. They were widely used in paint, ink, plastic, leather, printing, greeting cards, Christmas trees, shoes, toys, crafts, cosmetics, glass ornaments, etc. Glitter color is complete, according to the different color systems can be divided into the color system can be divided into gold and silver Glitter, color powder, laser Glitter, seven colors, gold sand, silver sand, etc., which color Glitter by color can be divided into red Glitter, green blue, orange powder, purple, rose, coffee, gray, black, yellow Glitter and other colors.

    GalGlitter Glitter powder As a unique surface treatment material, Glitter is widely used in the field of cosmetics. Its characteristics are to enhance the visual effect of the product so that the decorative part of the concave and convex layers has a more three-dimensional sense. Glitter is a bright and eye-catching material that adds brilliance.

  • What are the sizes of Glitter?

    GalGlitter Glitter powder, according to different specifications, can be divided into hexagonal, quadrangular square, Glitter rectangular, star-shaped Glitter, moon-shaped, peach-shaped Glitter, pentagram star-shaped Glitter, and so on. Among them, hexagonal Glitter can be divided into 1/8, 1/24, 1/32, 1/48, 1/64, 1/96, 1/128, 1/256, etc., according to the different thicknesses.

    GalGlitter Glitter powder details: screen printing, extra-fine ultra-fine, imported, imported gold and silver powder, crystal ball glitter, gold powder paste, Glitter special glue, glitter powder, glitter powder, glitter flakes, high-temperature Glitter, color glitter, gold and silver powder, gold powder silver powder, gold onion flakes, colorful powder, seven colorful powder, illusion powder, fluorescent, illusion purple powder, laser gold, laser silver, laser red, laser orchid, laser green, laser purple, gold onion powder, silver onion powder, colored onion powder, laser strip, color strip, gold strip, silver strip, colored strip, quadrangular Glitter, hexagonal Glitter, gold glitter, silver Glitter, laser glitter, colored Glitter, high-temperature Glitter, gold dot and silver dot for injection molding, high-temperature gold dot, high-temperature silver dot, pentagram, moon-shaped, heart-shaped, plum-shaped Five colors, laser glitter.
    GalGlitter Glitter powder Introduction: quadrangular (quadrilateral), hexagonal (prismatic, hexagonal), round, rectangular (rectangular), the main materials are PVC film, PET film, seven-color film, laser film, aluminum, etc. cut from a wide range of color specifications.

  • What are the kinds of Glitter?

    The use of Glitter can be broadly divided into pet polyester Glitter, metal aluminum Glitter, illusion Glitter series, pearl Glitter series, and fluorescent Glitter series.
    1. Polyester gold and silver powder are composed of vacuum metallic polyester film. Its color layer is a thermosetting cross bond epoxy layer, can produce a wide range of colors, and can be used for wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather, ceramics, and other materials through screen printing, coating, and spraying. It can form special and eye-catching effects such as decoration or reflection, and its temperature resistance is 180℃.

    2. Metallic aluminum gold and silver powder: The product is composed of very thin aluminum foil, and its colored outer layer is a thermosetting cross-bonded epoxy layer. The product is suitable for many soluble materials and can also be dry coated. Metallic glitter powder is ideal for use on plastic products and has a temperature resistance of 200°C. Regular sizes are 3.0mm, 2.5mm, 2.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.0mm, 0.8mm, 0.6mm, 0.4mm, 0.3mm, 0.2mm, 0.1mmGlitter . Also can be customized according to customer requirements of various special specifications and colors.
    3. Illusion series glitter powder: This product is a unique illusion Glitter. It does not contain metal components, but due to the optical properties of the polymeric film that makes up the product, the product has a variety of metal colors and luster, and there are obvious color changes.

    GalGlitter Glitter powder is available in gold and red colors. The gold color is imitated from the color of 24K gold, which is shiny and sparkling. The red color is imitated from the bright red of the Five Star Red Flag, with high purity and dazzling. GalGlitter Glitter powder plastic products industry applications: Glitter needs to have high-temperature resistance, a high level of coating coloring so that Glitter can be in 180-200 degrees of high temperature to maintain the rules Good degree, uniform particles, bright colors, and does not fade.

    【1】Water washing resistance alkali water (PH value (=10), steaming (keep 100 ℃) 1 hour without fading
    【2】Water wash more than 5 times at 70℃ in warm water.
    【3】 Formaldehyde content per kg of Glitter does not exceed 30PPM.

    GalGlitter Glitter powder is a very versatile powder raw material, also called Glitter, glitter powder, size not within 0.004 mm to 3 mm may be made, the use of a wide range of boundaries, color wonderful in the sunlight color more vivid. There is a certain resistance to climate and temperature and high-temperature resistance, and even to some light, Fu Shihua chemicals also have a certain resistance to erosion. Glitter, the boundaries of its use are so ordinary that it is a raw material that we cannot live. Although the powdered substances are not usually in contact, the products they cover are certainly closely related to survival.

  • How to use Cosmetic Glitter Powder?

    【1】 Fashionable thick eyebrows with a Glitter effect create a different sense of cool and hotness. The first step is to draw stylish eyebrows, thicken the head of the eyebrow, and then lengthen the end of the eyebrow. The next step is to add gold Glitter to the eyebrows. For eye makeup, with the use of a light golden brown eyeshadow, a light layer, do not flash than the eyebrows.

    【2】 Add some shimmer to the delicate pink lip makeup for a more glamorous everyday look. When creating this look, use lipstick that is a little darker in color to bring out the Glitter. You can use lip gloss to achieve a better effect. For more sparkle, you can use some lip gloss with Glitter added for more shine. The eye makeup and base makeup part can be kept as clean as possible.

    【3】Glitter Glitter Eyeliner: Can you use Glitter for eyeliner too? The glitter eyeliner with glitter particles will make your eyes more colorful and effective against nature. The actual fact is that you can use the glitter particles in the black eyeliner so that not only is the eyeliner more gentle, but the whole body also looks more gentle.
    The actual Glitter mascara is definitely one of the most sought-after makeup items for all kinds of big parties. Glitter mascara not only makes the makeup a more festive atmosphere but also, in the blink of an eye, you can see the glow of the sequins, so you even have to close the gap between the effectiveness of eyewitnesses.

    The actual Glitter eye shadow: Glitter eye shadow is one of the highest rates of use of glitter cosmetics. Some girls even put on sequins in their daily work makeup. The sequins may add to the active index, indeed, can make people refresh. The actual glitter eye shadow is relatively poor in adhesion, so it is best to use the eye primer before applying it, so you can prevent the Glitter from coming off.

    The actual Glitter lip gloss: If a girl with thin lips wants to create a plump lip effect, then try a sequined lip gloss. The glitter lip gloss with glitter particles will make the lip makeup more pompous and arrive at the effect of lip plumping. But if the use of sequins lip gloss does not apply to other sequins makeup, the whole face glitter will make makeup deductions.

    The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items. On the forehead, nose, and chin with a highlighter is a very popular makeup craft. Makeup novices who have difficulty mastering sequins makeup products may want to try highlighting with a highlighter.

  • GalGlitter Glitter Types and Qualities

    High-quality body glitter is produced by one of the world’s best manufacturers at

    Is there anyone here who doesn’t like shiny colored glitter that completely changes the look of body art? Buyers from all over the world are showing a keen interest in buying high-quality but affordable body glitter. They are widely used in the tattoo business as well as in the cosmetic and salon industries. Buyers looking for quality suppliers use our website to meet with glitter that meets their requirements. GalGlitter is proud to produce high-quality cosmetic glitter. As a Chinese factory, we offer body glitter products that are in high demand in the market so that buyers can get the most profit from their purchases. We have a complete range of cosmetic powders; get in touch with our experts and enjoy the pleasure of choosing quality cosmetic powders without any hustle and bustle.

    Get the best body glitter deals and stand out among your competitors.

    A renaissance is coming. Join the glitter trend and look on the bright side as gel glitter brings you glitter, which is ideal for standing out with sparkling glitter goodies at various events! Whether it’s a rave makeup look, a wedding, or a night out on the town, glitter on your body can make the night instantly glowing. After being used by influencers and celebrities, there is a high buyer demand for the super glitter effect. Our distributors and retailers bring you an outstanding selection of body glitter to take your glamour to the next level and shine like the star you are destined to be.

    Through the huge variety of colorful glitters we have, we ensure that we can offer the popular and in-demand body art products in cosmetic-grade powders. You can get glitter in every color from us. Depending on the amount of glitter, it is packaged in small bottles as well as large jars. From holographic glitter to body glitter highlighter spray, herbal glitter, multi-color glitter for face and body, glitter for kids, and glitter for eyeshadow and nail polish, we have glitter for every category related to makeup and body art.

    The best quality body glitter is available at GalGlitter.

    The glitter trend is back, and the demand for it is huge! We have the best quality body glitter. Body glitter is perfect for all your evening glamour needs. While making a statement in the competitive makeup and beauty industry can be a daunting task, with GalGlitter, you have easy access to new products.

  • Introduction of Glitter Special Laser Film

    The basic production process of common laser holographic film and anti-counterfeit packaging film: As an important public anti-counterfeit means at present, laser holographic anti-counterfeit technology has both anti-counterfeit and decoration functions and is widely used in flexible packaging. At the same time, we also see that the traditional laser holographic anti-counterfeiting concept is constantly improved and enhanced with the progress of technology, and each technological advancement will derive a corresponding unique filmmaking process.
    Each technological advancement will result in a unique filmmaking process. The basic production process of ordinary laser holographic anti-counterfeiting packaging film, while the filmmaking process of other special anti-counterfeiting films is formed by adding or improving a certain process on this basis.

    Laser PET material: pet gold and silver powder and pet laser glitter are resistant to acid and alkali and have a high temperature of 170 degrees (with metal safety test report, physical properties test report, acid and alkali immersion test report, and color brighter than PVC.) Radium Glitter Name: LB101 Radium Silver, LB210 Radium Gold, LB300 Radium Red, LB304 Radium Wine Red, LB400 Radium Orange, LB401 Radium Light Copper, LB600 Radium Green, LB601 Radium Light Green, LB700 Radium Blue, LB701 Radium Light Blue, LB702 Pavement Turquoise Blue, LB705 Radium Treasure Blue LB709 pavement dark blue, LB800 laser purple, LB900 laser dark peach, LB901 laser peach, LB911 laser dark pink, LB911A laser pink, LB912 laser plum red, LB1000 laser black.
    Laser film is a new high-tech and environment-friendly material developed at the beginning of this century, which is available to produce composite laser cardboard, transfer laser cardboard, UV laser decorative material, and is the carrier of laser hologram through a special production process. At present, the most widely used laser films in the market mainly include laser aluminized film, laser hot stamping film, laser rainbow film, laser media film, transparent laser film, laser media film, and so on. And their respective characteristics and applications are introduced in detail.

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Galglitter are willing to support more online and offline clients who have their brands to win market recognition. Providing undergoes a rigorous QC, guaranteeing each high-quality product, ensuring that products stand out from the competition in today’s ever-changing retail markets and the Internet.
With dozens of professional technology and design teams in this industry, it enables us to meet our customers' needs better.
We can be more precise in what we offer and produce Cosmetic-Grade Powder with its own unique personality.
Our workers form the backbone of our workforce. Each of our employees is professionally trained and managed.
Our workers, together with our management team, are rich in experience and skills and committed to producing the best High-quality cosmetic powder for our valued clients.
Through years of hard work in the industry, we have established a firm relationship with Customers from all over the world.
Our Cosmetic powder is Nail polish, eye shadow, and cosmetic industries and is deeply praised by our customers.
Here at GalGlitter, we supply a wide range of Color effect solutions to our clients. We have established a strict standard for our Cosmetic powder production involving selecting the best materials, strict Quality Control, and suitable Color Effect solutions for our client's application.
With excellent quality, stable performance, and competitive price, the company's products are deeply praised and trusted by global customers.
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