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  • Introduction of GalGlitter Magnetic Powder

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    Magnetic powder is a special pearlescent pigment derived from the demand of various industries, which is not magnetic in itself.

    The magnetic powder will produce magnetic conduction to the objects with magnetic in itself after process treatment and form a strong 3D visual effect through magnetic powder according to the standing distribution of magnetic lines.

    The cosmetic industry is used for 3D nail art, the synthetic leather post-treatment industry is used for the production of 3D pearlescent leather, and the glass craft industry is used for the creation of 3D effects of the glass panel.

  • Product Process

    GalGlitter’s 3D magnetic pearlescent powder with silver gray luster is based on a substrate with particle diameters of 10-60 μm and 5-25 μm as a coating substrate and Fe↓[3]O↓[4] is coated on said substrate. Said magnetic pearlescent pigment is prepared by dropping a solution of trivalent iron and divalent iron salts into a mica suspension at a certain temperature, allowing the precipitated ferric tetroxide to be uniformly and densely deposited on the mica by controlling the pH of the co-precipitation under the protection of inert gas, and calcining in an inert atmosphere, so as to produce said magnetic pearlescent pigment. The magnetic pearlescent pigment made by the present invention has a flat and dense surface deposition, high encapsulation rate, and obvious pearlescent effect. The said preparation method realizes the co-deposition of trivalent iron and divalent iron so that the uniform coating of triiron tetraoxide on the sericite substrate. It is applicable to the preparation of various pearlescent pigments, and the co-precipitation method and the introduction of sintering atmosphere control provide the possibility of deposition and coating of different valence oxides.

  • Product Features

    GalGlitter is a professional glitter material and chemical pigment pearlescent powder-based enterprise integrating production, sales, and service. The products are made of synthetic mica with super whiteness, high purity, and pure transparency as the substrate and coated with metal oxides by high-tech synthesis technology. The company has many varieties, wide chromatography, complete specifications, and sufficient supply. The latest products: are 3D three-dimensional magnetic powder, chameleon pigment, diamond pearlescent powder pigment, and super crystal pearlescent powder pigment.
    Professional pearlescent pigment: “FDA cosmetic grade series, high dispersion and high coverage series, light and weather resistant series, yellowing and anti-aging series,” etc. More than six hundred varieties.

About GalGlitter Factory

Galglitter are willing to support more online and offline clients who have their brands to win market recognition. Providing undergoes a rigorous QC, guaranteeing each high-quality product, ensuring that products stand out from the competition in today’s ever-changing retail markets and the Internet.
With dozens of professional technology and design teams in this industry, it enables us to meet our customers' needs better.
We can be more precise in what we offer and produce Cosmetic-Grade Powder with its own unique personality.
Our workers form the backbone of our workforce. Each of our employees is professionally trained and managed.
Our workers, together with our management team, are rich in experience and skills and committed to producing the best High-quality cosmetic powder for our valued clients.
Through years of hard work in the industry, we have established a firm relationship with Customers from all over the world.
Our Cosmetic powder is Nail polish, eye shadow, and cosmetic industries and is deeply praised by our customers.
Here at GalGlitter, we supply a wide range of Color effect solutions to our clients. We have established a strict standard for our Cosmetic powder production involving selecting the best materials, strict Quality Control, and suitable Color Effect solutions for our client's application.
With excellent quality, stable performance, and competitive price, the company's products are deeply praised and trusted by global customers.
COVID-19 Let Us Rethink Our Business, Internet +, Win-win, Honest, and Trustworthy ‘are has become’s new enterprise concept. 

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  • Where is your location ?

    We are in the south of China, ShenZhen City.

  • Do you have color catalogs?

    Yes. We have an electronic version of the catalog, please contact our staff for a copy.

  • How can I get the samples?

    Contact us to get samples for free.

  • Can you accept small order ?

    Available in stock colors, we are happy to accept small orders.

  • What is your order lead time ?

    The delivery time will be 5-7 days after we confirm the color.

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    1. By sea to your nearest port;
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    1. PayPal;
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    3. T/T (About 50% deposit, 50% before shipment after presentation of ready cargo).
  • You are trading company or factory?

    We are manufacturer for making glitter gel , we have our own factory and R&D department.

  • What do you support customization?

    We support custom color, custom flow speed, custom bottle packaging.

  • Do you offer custom packaging and accept OEM?

    Yes, We accept custom package box with your own logo. When the quantity of your order reaches to 1000pcs, we can do packaging
    with your own design. The price of the box is based on style and material.