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Fine Glitter glitter pink ombre nails GalGlitter

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Product Name Fine Glitter Powder Pet 24 Colors
Main Ingredient Eco Friendly PET
Function Use for Nail art,body,face,Eyeshadow,Cosmetic
Volume 10g, 1kg, 25kg

The first step: prepare the required dip nail powder and tools, trim the nails and polish the nail surface, brush the primer, and illuminate for 60 seconds. Evenly apply a transparent base color to the nail surface without lighting.
Step 2: Dip an appropriate amount of pink glitter with one end of the fan-shaped pen, and tap with your nails to make the glitter fall on the nail surface.
Step 3: Start from the front end of the nail and slowly transition to two-thirds of the nail surface.
Step 4: Encrypt the front end of the nail, and the front edge should not reveal the background color.
Step 5: Use a wooden stick to make adjustments to the undesired areas.
Step 6: Gently press the protruding part with the oblique head of the wooden stick, and illuminate it for 60 seconds.
Step 7: Finally, put a layer of sealing layer on the nail surface, and illuminate it for 60 seconds.

2 Pink Mixed Color Nail Tutorial

Step 1: Before doing nails, be sure to use a primer. This step is very important, but it is often overlooked. Why is the color of the nails dark yellow and easy to break every time you remove their nails? It is because you did not apply the primer. The primer is to protect our nails.
Step 2: Cover the entire nail with brown nail polish. All nails should be smeared. Generally, one layer of this color is enough, and there is no need to apply two layers.
Step 3: Next, we create the ring finger and index finger, the patterns of these two nails are the same. Choose a nail polish with colored glitter, like the one pictured above, with fine glitter and different-sized sequins in the nail polish. First, apply the nail polish to the middle of the bottom of the nail, then spread the nail polish to both sides, and finally form a triangle-like shape, as shown in the illustration.
Step 4: The thumb is also made according to the method just now. After it is made, we will wait for the nails to dry.
Step 5: After all the nails are dry, we apply a layer of transparent nail polish to seal the nails.

3 How to use nail polish

Apply the primer, then use the anti-spill glue to coat the edges of the nails so that the anti-spill glue is finally removed.
Spread glitter over the undried base and let dry. Or apply nail polish to a sponge and use the sponge to paint your nails. The gradient effect made by the sponge is relatively solid, and the color selection is rich. Repeatedly stacking several layers will make it particularly flashy.
Tear off the anti-spill glue and apply a layer of reinforcement glue or phototherapy glue.
After drying, sand until the nail surface is flat, and seal the layer.
Of course, the most creative thing is to combine different glitter powders and dip nail powder or nail polish and match the colors as you like, and you can match many different new types of glue in minutes! What if I suddenly want to do nail fun~

4 How to make a variety of gradient color nail art

Start by applying a thin layer of clear primer to the nails.
The primer can protect the nails and smooth the nail surface, which is convenient for later coloring.
Choose a base color for your nails.
For gradient nails, the base color is usually white, which can complement the color of the nails more vividly. Of course, in order to make a soft and delicate effect, you can also choose other background colors according to your own design. Apply the chosen color to all nails.
Usually, the base color needs to be applied in two coats. Wait until the first coat of nail polish is completely dry before applying the second coat.
In order for the nail polish to dry faster, apply a thinner coat each time. In addition, you can apply two thin layers, and do not apply a thick layer at one time.
Take a cotton pad and paint it according to the shape and size of your nails.
Start by drawing a straight line across with the lightest nail polish, then next to the line, draw a line under it with a slightly darker color. Finally, draw another horizontal line under the second bar with the darkest color. The lines should be pasted together, and no gaps should be exposed. Repeat each color several times, making sure the polish on the makeup side is wet enough to print on your nails.
Apply the nail polish on the cotton pad to your nails a few times until the color is dark enough for your desired effect.
Line up the edge of the nail polish on the cotton pad with the edge of the nail, then press the cotton pad and roll it back and forth across the nail to deepen the color and gradient.
This process may get the polish onto the skin around the nail. You can apply a coat of petroleum jelly around your nails beforehand or apply a little tape. Or wait until it is applied to the outside of the nail, and then wash it off with a nail remover.
After finishing one nail, finish all nails in the same way. The pattern or style of the nails should be consistent.
The color of each nail should be from light to dark, and each color should be closely connected without any gaps.
Be sure to wet the cotton pad at the beginning because the dry cotton pad may stick the nail polish that has been applied to the nails but ruin the finished nails.
Wait until the nail polish on the nails is dry (about 10-15 minutes), and then apply two coats of clear topcoat to the nails.
The process of coloring with a cotton pad can make the surface of your nails bumpy, and the oil can fill in your nails.
After painting your nails, use a small brush or a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean off any nail polish on the outside of your nails.
Cotton swabs can remove nail polish from the skin, while small brushes can be more precise in removing nail polish beyond the nail.

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