Quality management of nail salons

Quality management of nail salons


How to maintain the steady improvement of the service quality of nail salons is a problem that store managers need to consider. Now Galglitter.com will share some specific methods.

1. Quality management

(I)Better quality

That consumers in the nail art industry will rationally invest their money in nail art shops with good quality and excellent service because of the awakening of quality awareness.

Therefore, the quality of service directly affects the survival of the enterprise. Operators invest in quality management. It is the fundamental guarantee to avoid being out of the competition so that the company can form a huge wealth of goodwill in the long-term development.

(II) The education and training of employees is the centre of quality management.

Konosuke Matsushdown said:

Before the products are done well, the quality of people should be done well. Human quality is the foundation of all qualities.

Therefore, the measures that should be taken are:

Do not complain about the reality, do not wait, use their own advantages, and Learn updated techniques, So as to gain the trust of customers so that the company’s benefits will naturally be increased. Managers and supervisors should pay special attention to further studies, learn new knowledge and experience, and improve their knowledge and moral cultivation.

Respect the subjective intention of employees, make them consciously and voluntarily put into work, mobilize employees to establish the master spirit of dedication, love, hard work, and sharing weal and woe with the company; encourage employees to carry out creative work, continue to innovate and forge ahead, unite and cooperate, and give full play to the team spirit; regularly select employees with excellent quality and technology, establish righteousness, increase cohesion, and form a cultural atmosphere that values quality and customer.

The focus should be on the backbone level of managers so that they can first receive advanced technical training, which can include:

1. Medical knowledge
2. Psychological knowledge
3. Knowledge of nutrition and health care
4. The establishment of hierarchical education and training for marketing management knowledge is generally divided into two levels:

The first operational level: the first-line manicurist directly faces customers and requires them to be skilled operators. Therefore, their work should be designed, guaranteed, easy to understand, and easy to learn and practice.

In addition to professional knowledge, the second management should focus on training the middle-level subjective and potential personnel, such as organization and management, coordination and communication, marketing and other abilities, especially the quality management ability.

(III) Customer satisfaction is the basic concept of quality management.

Today, with the rapid rise of the nail art industry, strengthening quality management and improving the quality of employees are aimed at retaining customers who can gain the trust of customers, who is the winner and who can survive, according to the survey of relevant persons:

1. Every dissatisfied customer will tell at least 11 people on average.

2.100 dissatisfied customers, about four will complain, and most will silently move to rival nail salons.

3. The cost of winning a new customer is more than five times the cost of retaining an old customer.

4. If the complaining customers can be properly handled, more than 70% of the customers will stay, and their trust will be significantly improved.

Therefore, regular listening to customer feedback and timely improvement of shortcomings is the basis for continuous improvement of quality management, customer retention and industry development.

(IV) unremitting improvement is the guarantee of maintaining quality management.

Mr Ishikawa pointed out in the book “Introduction to Quality Management” that the management centred on quality management is not aspirin but traditional Chinese medicine. Although eating it will not immediately reduce fever, it is a permanent cure.

2. Psychological management of nail salons

(I) Satisfy the psychology of customers.

The so-called psychological nail art means that no matter how beautiful the appearance of the nail salon is, if the customer is not happy, it cannot be regarded as really beautiful.

If there is no atmosphere inside to meet the customer’s requirements, then the business of this nail salon will not flourish. Since each customer has their own unique personality, the service should also be suitable for their personality.

(II) Meet customer expectations

Young and prosperous nail salons and those that do not operate smoothly mainly lie in whether they satisfy the customers’ psychology. It refers to all technical activities that make people’s hands beautiful.

Making the customer’s mood suddenly clear is the basic skill of manicure. When a customer manicures, there is always a wish in his heart that he wants to look younger and more beautiful. The performance of youth is not only manifested in appearance but also in the mood of customers.

3, nail shop publicity methods

(I) It is very important to clarify the propaganda appeal

 First of all, what is the propaganda purpose? If the purpose of publicity is not obvious, it will not be attractive to customers. Advertising generally has two ways of expression:

One is image advertising, and the other is specific work performance.

Image advertisement is a method of attaching commodity photos to a corner of pictures, such as landscape photos, to show the image of commodities. The specific work performance is directly used as publicity content.

The nail salon successfully operated the treasure book without important publicity and sincere publicity. Even if it costs a lot of money, it is of no value.

(II) Attention should be paid to the publicity methods, the basis of publicity is very important. 

The nail salon, which does not understand the psychology of customers, even if it does a lot of publicity, still has no obvious publicity effect. The nail salon should not only publicize the outside world but also carry out various activities inside the nail salon.

What to publicize and how to publicize must first be planned, and the rhythm that conforms to the work of the employees in the nail salon must be considered, and the rhythm must also conform to the preferences of the customers.

The price positioning of the nail salon must be:

(I) regional, that is, local conditions.

Metropolis-small town prime location-general location convenient transportation-inconvenient transportation high-end residential area-general residential area

(II) nail art technology level is an important factor in determining the price.
(III) hospitality service attitude is good or bad, and it is also very important to determine the price.
(IV) the image of the store. The whole store design and decoration give people a feeling that can also affect the price.
(V) the standard and proportion of fixed customers.

If the standard of fixed customers is high and the consumption power is relatively high, the possibility of accepting high prices will be greater.

If the proportion of fixed customers is large, they may be willing to accept the existing price because of their recognition of the store’s technology, but once the price rises to a certain level, their chances of switching to other competitors will be relatively high.

(VI)Price change

The original price can be accepted by customers between 10% and 20%, which is too high to exceed the original price, which is suspected of driving up the price. Unless the image design of the whole store is completely changed and the service items are changed, the new price can be implemented regardless of the original price.

(VII)Regional average price

The price level in this area should refer to the charging standards of other nail salons in this area and determine the appropriate charging standards in measuring the service quality of their own stores.

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