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The glitter is composed of PET and PVC vacuum metallic polyester plastic films. Its color layer is a thermosetting staggered fusion epoxy layer. Color variety changes can occur. The particle size can range from 1/4 to 1/1000. The shapes are regular hexagonal, quadrangular, rectangular, diamond, and irregular (round, heart-shaped, five-pointed star), etc.)Such as common shapes, the color system is divided into silver, gold, color (red, blue, green, purple, pink, black), the series is divided into laser series, ordinary color series, rainbow series; each color system is coated on the surface protective layer, The color is bright, and it has specific resistance and temperature resistance to climate, temperature, and slightly corrosive chemicals.


Metallic glitter-

The product is composed of fragile aluminum foil, and its colored outer layer is a thermosetting staggered fusion epoxy layer. The glitter applies to many soluble raw materials and can also be dry coated. Metallic glitter is an ideal raw material for plastic finished products, with a temperature resistance of 250 and acid and alkali resistance.

Magic series glitter-

The product is a unique magic color glitter and does not contain metal components. However, due to the polymeric film’s optical properties that constitute the product, the product has changed in metal color and color, and there is a noticeable color change so that the product has a color change Appearance.

Laser series glitter-

The product consists of a high-brightness, high-color laser original film, which is coated and colored at high temperature and is especially carefully mechanically cut into sequins with uniform specifications. The original film is usually an environmentally friendly PET laser film, and the laser glitter produced is of high value. Because the reflective effect of the laser glitter is better than that of ordinary glitter, the product’s color penetrates through the surface.

Environmental protection and solvent resistance glitter

Girls love manicures, and now there are a variety of manicures, including a glitter nail polish, which is loved by girls and feels beautiful when applied to their nails. That is nail polish made of glitter as the primary material.

One is solid components, mainly pigments, flash substances, etc.;
One is the solvent component of liquid, primarily acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalate, etc.

Nail polish, due to its glitter shining characteristics, can achieve unique effects in all formulas of decorative cosmetics and body care products with a variety of possible sizes, particle shapes, and colors, and it is trendy in the market.

However, due to the influence of the solvent of nail polish itself, conventional glitter is more likely to fade. Therefore, it is essential to select high-quality solvent-resistant glitter.

Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) is an industrial-strength solvent, usually more potent than any nail polish suspension matrix.

This is why it is ideal for evaluating the long-term solvent resistance of any flash you may consider using. The accepted view is that if your color flash can be soaked in MEK for about 5 minutes and does not penetrate any color into MEK, it passes the test. Environmental Protection and Solvent Resistance Series glitter

Environmental Protection and Solvent Resistance Series glitter Produced by

adopt environmentally friendly antimony-free materials;

suitable for strongly corrosive acid-base solvents;

the long-term soaking process, the surface color of the glitter will not migrate, yellow, or fade;

Especially in nail polish series products, the color can be kept as beautiful as before for more than two years.

Main features of the product

High-temperature resistance to 175, excellent solvent resistance, butanone resistance, and mixed solvent no change for 15 days at room temperature of 25 ;

It has unique brilliance, the specific gravity is shallow, and the addition amount is about 2g/15ml;

It has excellent resistance to aqueous systems and ultraviolet radiation; Precise cutting, no continuous particle chain, no impurities and fragments.

Silver powder

Silver powder is an aluminum powder made of aluminum with the same silver-white luster as silver. It is a metal pigment. Use pure aluminum foil to add a small amount of lubricant, crush it into scaly powder, and polish it. Aluminum powder is light, stable in the air, has strong light reflection ability, high floating power, strong hiding power, and good light and heat reflection performance. After treatment, it can also become a non-floating aluminum powder.

Silver powder (aluminum powder) is one large category of metal pigments because of its wide use, great demand, and variety. The aluminum powder particles used in pigments are scaly, and it is precise because of this scaly particle state that aluminum powder has metallic color and shielding functions.

There are two ways to make aluminum powder: 1 is to mix pure aluminum flakes with a small amount of lubricant and then mechanically crush them; the other is to heat and melt pure aluminum into a liquid and then spray it into fine aluminum powder. Aluminum powder is mixed with a petroleum solvent to form a slurry, which is also called silver paste.

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