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How to open a nail salon

1. Training Technology

I believe that most people feel that they can learn a lot from scratch, and the same is valid for opening a nail salon. From nothing to getting on the right track, they have to experience a lot of technical knowledge, management and marketing knowledge during this period. Compared with this professional knowledge and technology, it doesn’t matter how much money you make in the end.

The most crucial place to open your own shop is technology: technology is the core of a shop.No matter how luxurious your store is, your technology is not good, and no customers will visit your store.

Location of the storefront: Location is critical. We generally like blocks or shopping malls with large passenger flow in the area. One thing to note here must be a place where entertainment facilities are concentrated. It is useless to meet the large passenger flow. Just imagine, the traffic at the gate of the subway station is also significant. In some subway stations in Beijing, the daily passenger flow is 30-500,000. We don’t know if these pedestrians have any idea about manicures.

Shop decoration: Xiaobian has sorted out the decoration styles of many nail salons. The data generated after sorting show that your decoration style determines whether customers are willing to turn back as high as 50%! Therefore, if you feel that your customers will not come after one visit, it is likely that your decoration style customers do not like it.

2. Joining Brands

This is a favourite way for investors to open a shop.

A nail brand that has been engaged in a professional career for many years will definitely have this qualification, such as whether he has the capability to teach nail art. Now there are many beauty industry-related institutions, such as makeup, beauty and hairdressing institutions, which do not have the qualification of nail art. They all teach nail art with the capability of makeup, beauty and hairdressing. Such institutions are not right at all. If you want to join, you must see this clearly. Generally, it can be written on the business license.


The service level of the organization is recommended that you check before joining. What is the reputation of this organization? The market is large, the cake is small, and there is often no shortage of black sheep. Joining such a brand will often make you lose more than you gain.

It is some things of the joining rules, such as joining the brand, learning will be free, and a lot of related items will be given away. Some organizations that Xiaobian knows are like this.

How much does it cost to open a small nail salon?

In fact, the nail salon does not need to be opened very largely. The nail salon is not a hair salon. It is not like hairdressing. It must be done regularly. It is enough to open a shop of no more than 30 square meters in a secondary city (prefecture-level city below the provincial capital)! If the investment is too high, the time to recover the investment will be longer, but the market competition will gradually increase! This is very unfavourable. We don’t count the cost of renting shops here, because the price varies from place to place.

First of all, the tuition fee for a manicure is generally around 3000-10000. It takes about 50,000 to set up a shop with products and decorate the store. Don’t say that if you don’t decorate or decorate, the performance of the store is often not good, that is, you lose in the decoration. In this way, it takes about 5-70,000 to open a shop on your own (excluding store rent)

When it comes to joining, as mentioned earlier, some nail art organizations are free to join a shop and study, so tuition fees are waived. Then there is the brand cost of joining. As far as Xiaobian knows, the brand cost of joining ranges from less than 10,000 to more than 100,000, and even hundreds of thousands. Xiaobian does not recommend joining more than 100,000 brands! The reason has been mentioned earlier. If you join, you can consider joining the standard of 10,000 to 50,000.

It is free to join the store without optical technology. Some schools will also talk about management and marketing, which is more affordable. In this way, it is more cost-effective to join, which takes about 1-50,000. In fact, it is not very difficult to open a manicure shop that makes money! As long as you decorate well, have good technology, choose a good location, and match your popularity, your nail salon will definitely be popular.

Reduce the damage of manicure

1、Before applying

First, use the nail file to polish nails, which can be cleaned, repaired and polished. Smooth nails are easier to apply and can also reduce the precipitation of nail polish pigments and the invasion of harmful ingredients in nail polish nails.

2、 When applying

Don’t apply it too full. Remember to leave a little gap at the nail edge to leave a breathing channel for your nails. This allows the nail edge to breathe fully and will not be affected by chemicals for a long time.

3、Maintenance time

Apply nail polish once, and it is best to remove it within one week. After all, the breathing channel does not allow the whole nail to breathe as much as possible. After that, let the nails rest for at least 3 4 days before using them again.

4、When dismantled

Remove with a dismount tool. Do not pick with your hands or use tools to scrape off. Forced removal of harmful nails is more severe.

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