The difference between nail polish and Nail polish gel

What is the difference between nail polish and Nail polish gel?

The difference between nail polish and Nail polish gel, dear friends who love nail polish, with the development of the domestic nail polish industry, nail polish products are also constantly being updated, from the popular nail polish in the past to the popular Nail polish gel ~ perhaps you listen less to nail polish. Still, QQ glue, Barbie glue, you should have heard of phototherapy glue ~ what the difference between the prevailing nail polish glue and our traditional nail polish is? You may say one can do it without a phototherapy lamp, and the other needs ~ is that really the case? Today, let tell them what the difference is.

Nail polish:

Also known as “nail paint” and “nail polish”.Its main components are 70%-80% volatile solvents, about 15% nitrocellulose, a small number of oily solvents, camphor, titanium dioxide and oil-soluble pigments. After the nail polish is applied to the nail, the solvent contained in the nail polish volatilizes to form a coloured film, and then this film adheres to the nail with a moderately coloured lustre, which can protect the nail and give the nail a sense of beauty. It is a kind of nail polish that does not require a lamp, also known as self-drying nail polish ~ so nail polish will generally be placed in a transparent bottle, and it only needs to be sealed when it is stored.

But, you know what? This convenient and fast self-drying nail polish is not an ideal nail polish material. In order to make nail polish easy to dry, the solvents it uses mainly include acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalate, formaldehyde, etc. However, when these solvents are inhaled into the human body when volatilized, they will make the human body feel uncomfortable, and if inhaled for a long time, they will also affect the health of the human body. In addition, nail polish may cause some bad consequences for children with fragile nails due to its strong permeability. For example, children who use nail polish too frequently for nails may have yellow and dull nails; serious paronychia may also occur ~ so nail polish must be careful not to stick to the skin ~ accidentally stick to it, to wipe clean with nail remover before drying out.

Nail polish gel:


It is also called Barbie glue and phototherapy glue on the market. Its main components are natural resin and some colour materials. This material will solidify under the irradiation of ultraviolet light instead of volatilization. It will form a layer of plastic-like film ~ permeability is worse than nail polish, but gloss, wear-resistance and firmness are better than Nail polish. The most important thing is that it hardly volatilizes gas and does not have much taste. It only takes a minute or two to dry, unlike nail polish, which may take about ten minutes to dry. So now there is a situation where Nail polish gel is gradually replaced by Nail polish gel ~

It is precise because Nail polish gel has the characteristic of curing under light, so Nail polish gel is generally sealed in an opaque bottle, and it also needs to be stored away from light when storing. The advantage is that as long as the ultraviolet light is not too strong, Nail polish gel will not solidify so quickly, which is convenient for drawing patterns and modifying ~

Finally, let’s share the difference between nail polish and Nail polish gel.

Nail polish is:
Base Oil-Color Paint-Sealing Oil

Nail polish gel is:
primer-color glue-seal
When making each layer, you have to use a phototherapy lamp to do it again. It seems that nail polish is more troublesome, but in terms of health and practicality, the cost performance of Nail polish gel is far higher than Nail polish gel!

Manicure is more lasting in this way.

1 Daily habit

After a manicure, you need to pay attention to the stress habits of your fingers in daily life and try to use your finger abdomen instead of your fingertip. For example, attention should be paid when carrying heavy objects, driving doors, peeling fruits and opening cans. Direct use of fingertips can easily cause nail breakage.

Parents who often do housework at home often need to contact their hands with water and washing products, which can easily make manicures fall off and turn yellow. Try to wear gloves when doing housework, then clean your hands and keep your fingers dry.

Prolonged contact with hot water can also affect the durability of manicures, such as hot springs or hot baths.

Try to avoid contact with easily dyed substances and corrosive chemicals to avoid nail dyeing.

Do not pick with your hands. Otherwise, it is not only easy to cause the nail to fall off but also may hurt the nail itself.

2 Cleaning and maintenance

After the manicure, more attention should be paid to the cleaning of nails, especially since the fingertips on the front edge of nails are easy to hide dirt. You can clean the fingertips with an old toothbrush.

When you need to cut your nails short, try to polish them with a contusion bar. If you don’t control the nail clipper directly, it is easy to break your nails.

The newly grown dead skin can be trimmed by itself. Never pull the barbs. Cut them directly with nail clippers. At the same time, apply finger oil and hand cream with armour effect to maintain the moisturizing toughness of nails.

Keep a sand strip. If the edge of the nail is slightly warped, use the sand strip to gently polish and smooth it. Could you not use your fingers to pick it?

3 Simple Repair

When nail polish or sticker ornaments appear warped, you can first apply bright oil to stabilize them and then go to the nail salon for professional repair. Because the properties of bright oil and nail polish are not compatible, they can only be repaired urgently, which cannot be maintained for a long time and will eventually fall off.

When small drill ornaments fall off, they can be pasted with glue by themselves. When a large drill falls off, they need to go to the store for professional repair because there will be uneven marks.

When a small amount of nail polish is worn off, it can also be repaired with nail polish of the same colour.

If your nails break, please go directly to the nail salon and ask a manicurist to repair your nails professionally to help you restore your beautiful nails.

The above can only be used as a temporary repair method. When the nail art falls off or breaks seriously, remember to go to the store for professional repair and nursing in time. it is best to remove the nail art in about 2-3 weeks ~

Correct maintenance after manicure can make the style more lasting and keep the nails in the best condition. Well, today’s sharing is over, thank you.

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