The Origin and Development of nail art. knowledge of nails

The origin of nail art is the basic part of development.

Nail art, a term coexisting with beauty, has become increasingly clear in people’s minds. Nail art refers to the decoration and beautification of nails, also known as nail beauty, to share the origin of manicure.

Nail art originated from the development.

1.Ancient times

In 3500, ancient Egypt had a tradition of maintaining nails and painting and dyeing nails. The ancient Egyptians took the lead in rubbing the fur of the antelope to make their nails shiny.

At that time, people used the red flowers and leaves squeezed from the leaves of loose mods and the bronze colour extracted from insect secretions to make nail dyes to smear nails, palms and soles of feet. In archaeology, someone once found a cosmetic case in Cleopatra’s tomb, which recorded that it was painted with “virgin nail polish” for the purpose of leading to the Western Elysium.

2.The 17th century


By the 17th century, there were gradually reports of stained nails. Beautiful ancient Egyptian, ancient Greek women and other beautiful Asian women began to maintain their nails and paint them. They were equipped with beautifully decorated luxury nail kits. Around the end of the 19th century, nail grooming utensils suitable for European women appeared. At that time, nail grooming utensils were made of ivory or silver. Beautiful women at that time paid special attention to glitter powder and Glitter soft pads. And use them to draw the desired pearl flash colour on the fingernails delicately.


During the Qing Dynasty in ancient China, palace ladies had used luxurious metal nail covers inlaid with beads and jade to protect their carefully decorated nails. The nail covers were the most luxurious and professional nail accessories at that time, and they were also the earliest artificial nails.

Both the British royal family and the Qing Dynasty royal family in China have a tradition of keeping armour. Keeping white nails means that you don’t have to work hard. It symbolizes status and power. People with a pair of long and gorgeous nails mostly belong to the upper class.No matter which nationality it is, and the race has the same yearning and respect for beauty. In the continuous pursuit of Chinese techniques and methods, nail art materials are also more healthy and environmentally friendly to meet the needs of different groups of people for beauty.

Nail structure

Rough method: nail leading edge (nail tip), nail body (deck), nail root
Subdivision method: nail leading edge (fingertip); The part of the nail extending out of the nail bed is easy to crack due to lack of moisture and oil.

Finger core; the thin layer of skin under the leading edge of the nail.
The body (deck), attached to the nail bed, contains no blood vessels and nerves and consists of several hard layers of keratin.
Nail bed; Located under the nail, it supports the body to provide nutrition for the body. The nail bed is rich in keratin cells, capillaries and nerve endings, making the nail pink.

Nail mother; The source of nail growth, where the keratin cells needed for nail growth are produced, rich in capillaries, lymph and nerves. The nail mother determines the shape of the nail and the length and width of the nail mother area. The nail mother is damaged, the body is damaged, the growth of the body is affected, or the nail is deformed.
Nail root; located at the root of the nail, in front of the nail mother, the nail grows towards the front edge of the nail, and the new nail cells produced by the nail mother drive the ageing cells to grow outward and promote nail renewal.
Finger skin; the skin covering the root of the nail. The function is to protect the newborn soft nails (raising the nail mother and nail root).
Free margin (smile line and nail arc); the free margin line between the body and the nail bed.
A nail groove; a depression of the skin around the nail.
Nail wall; The skin at the nail groove, the nail is composed of several layers of ageing keratin cells, the nail root and the nail bed (child and mother). The nail arc is the inner nail of the umbilical cord (white half-crescent), and the finger core (cell division) protects itself.

Basic knowledge of nails

Nails show the health of the human body, like skin. Healthy nails are smooth, bright and round, full, pink, with no spots on the surface, concave and convex, and ribbed. The surface presents a smooth arc, solid and elastic.
The metabolic cycle of nails is half a year. Generally, it grows 3 millimetres per month and 0.1 millimetres per day—the growth rate of nails changes with the seasons. The growth rate of nails in summer is faster, and the growth rate of nails in winter is slower. The growth rate of nails also changes with age. Children’s nails grow faster, the nails of the elderly grow slower, and the growth rate of nails is also different between men and women. Men’s nails grow faster than women’s.
As far as the nail is concerned, the middle finger has the fastest growth rate, and the index finger, little finger, ring finger and thumb have the slowest growth rate.
For fingernails and toenails, fingernails grow faster than toenails.
Therefore, the growth and health of nails depend on the individual’s dietary hygiene, sleep, mental and physical condition, blood circulation, and the content of human minerals have a great relationship.
The growth rate of nails peaked at puberty.
About 3 millimetres a month.About 0.3mm a week. It is about 0.1mm per day.

Nails and Diseases

The growth and health of the nail depending on the individual’s diet, hygiene, sleep, spirit, blood circulation and mineral content in the body, so when the body condition is warned, the condition of the nail will also change in colour.
The nails are pale, bloodless, thin and soft; the main causes: are malnutrition, anaemia, blue or black nails; the main causes: are visceral lesions, longitudinal lines of nails; the main causes: are physical overdraft, excessive fatigue, continuous mental fatigue, and neurasthenia.
The nails are wide and short, and flat; the main reason: is endocrine disorders, the nail arc is blue, and the main reason: is heart disease.
Brown nails; Main cause: malignant tumour
White nails; main reason: yellowing of nails caused by chronic diseases and mental trauma; main reason: frequent exposure of hands to chemicals, or deformation of nails caused by smoking; main reason: circulatory system dysfunction onychomycosis (commonly known as onychomycosis); main reason: It is an infectious, vigorous and difficult disease. The cause of the disease is mostly due to poor blood flow and fungal infection. The colour is grey, black and yellow, and self-infection is mostly related to contact infection. This disease has a long onset period and is not easy to treat.
Nail stripping; The main reason: the front half of the nail is layered and flaked. It is usually caused by excessive water loss and excessive dryness of nails. For example, with long-term uninterrupted nail polish, the hairdresser directly contacts perm water with his hands and consumes fewer vegetables and fruits.

Modification of Natural Armor

People often only pay attention to face makeup, and the decoration issued ignores the care and maintenance of hands and nails. Hands are a woman’s second face. Hands are most likely to reveal women’s age secrets and lifestyles. In daily communication, hands full of thorns, calluses and nail polish will greatly reduce your elegant demeanour. Therefore, proper care and grooming of your hands will make the icing on the cake and add endless confidence.
Manicure has a history of more than ten years in China, and it has just emerged in recent years. Most people do not understand the professional knowledge of manicures. They think that manicure is just a simple painting of nails, and some people have misunderstandings about manicures. Often manicures will make the surface of nails thinner and brittle, resulting in nail breakage or paronychia infection. Others think that manicures are not needed for frequent housework at home, so why do people have such misconceptions? The reason is that people’s expertise in manicures is not enough.

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