Want a good finger nail manicure Expert Answers

Want a good finger manicure? Expert Answers Must Know 8 Points

A manicurist is essential for every girl. What if you can make your nails look better? Today, Galglitter.com invited an expert. Will explain the eight key points of nail art! Those who are interested can come and have a look!

Must-Know 8 Points

Q1 Avoid primer care for pigmentation and maintenance before fingerprinting?

A: The basic maintenance steps before manicure are: according to the shape of each person’s finger, fix the condition with a file (square nail surface is still popular, but oval nail surface can add slimness), beech stick to push off the dead skin of nail edge (remember! Don’t use cut), bright nail three-effect polishing stick to throw bright nail surface (after throwing, there is no need to apply nail polish, there will be naturally radiant and beautiful), nail surface is smoother, use finger oil to moisten the nail edge, dry, dead skin can also break off from now on!

Q2 A few days of nail polish and a few days of rest are the best balance suggestions for nails themselves?

A: In fact, good nail polish should not hurt nails, so it will not affect staying on nails for several days. It will affect the health of Noodles A! It is necessary to carefully choose the polishing water that does not stimulate the nail surface in order to maintain the nail best.

Q3 correct steps to brush nail polish.

A: The skill of brushing finger color is to take the finger color from the bottom of the nail polish tank instead of the finger color from the bottle mouth. The brush first filters the excessive color glue back and forth around the bottle mouth. When the upper finger is painted, start at about 2/3 of the finger surface. Push the edge line to the finger edge (where the meat is located) first, and then brush the color forward to smooth out the bright feeling! In addition, after brushing, target the top side of the nail! Please remember “hemming?, full of L-shaped brush, can help the finger color more lasting, also the best look.

Q4 wants to avoid pigmentation nail trouble. Do you want to prevent a dark color system?


A: The “base nail polish” can be used before dark color is applied to avoid the precipitation of color glue and maintain the nail surface simultaneously. In the same way, if you want the finger color to last longer, add a layer of protective glue to the finger color to last longer.

Q5 wants to be quick and quick. What are the small steps?

A: UNT’s sense of the sun. Light finger color glaze is not a general finger color dosage form and is faster than broad finger color. If you use the available finger color, you can use the cold wind to blow or wipe on “time is money quick-drying oil” to shorten the drying time. In addition, hard water can also be used to flush the nail surface, and the surface will dry faster.

Q6 Spring and Summer Popular Key Colors?

The color index company Pantone set the color of 2016 as rose pink crystal and soft pink blue. At new york Fashion Week, dark solid blue and mustard green are also eye-catching colors that cannot be ignored this year. As the issue of global warming has increased, the naked brown and blues gray, which symbolize nature, are also the mainstream colors this year.

Q7 feels that yellow hands are not good-looking! Which finger color is the most white?

Most people mistakenly think that the nude color is the most white! No, this will only make the hands yellow. Dark blue finger color can best show white hands. In addition, the red finger color is also a perfect white weapon.

Q8 Which color can make your fingers look less fat and swollen?

A: It is suggested that the nail shape must be modified to be improved. In addition, editor S offers that nude color refers to color, which can also make fingers have the effect of extending and long. Please wipe your skin color more.  Click here to see the company “brush on nail glue for dip powder”.

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