What are the factors that affect aesthetics

What are the factors that affect aesthetics?

Many factors can influence aesthetics, such as deep-rooted evolutionary factors, media publicity, and personality. Studies have shown that formulas for defining cosmic attraction existed as early as Plato’s time. Although more modern research supports the theory that specific characteristics represent genetic advantages and make those who own them more attractive, other factors can also change our aesthetics, such as media and images representing physical perfection. In addition, personality characteristics such as kindness, sense of humor, and wisdom will also affect the measure of beauty when we interact with others.


Ancient philosophers, including Plato, concluded that human beauty could be measured based on a formula that calculates the proportion of the face. Based on this theory, modern research further expands that facial symmetry is a measure of beauty. Pretty research subjects usually have the appearance characteristics of symmetrical shape and size (underlined based on the imagination of the center of the face). Symmetry is an aesthetic indicator for some animal and bird species, and symmetry usually also represents strong and healthy genes.

Body proportions also play an important role in beauty because human nature finds solid and robust partners. In many cultures, the aesthetic standard for women’s bodies is a thin waist and fat buttocks because this body is regarded as healthy and fertile. The ideal male body is usually tall and strong because these factors are considered better able to provide food and protection. Although the advances and convenience of modern health care counteract the inferences behind these aesthetic notions, they remain part of natural human instincts.

It can also add artistic images that represent beauty and sometimes change the natural beauty of human beings. Enhancements such as jewelry, cosmetics, and clothing can redefine beauty according to the continuation standards of media or other cultures. In extreme cases, plastic surgery or physical disability can also be used to obtain attractive physical characteristics, but not in everyone.

It has been shown that perceptions of beauty are also strongly influenced when considering the personality and background of the subject. After face-to-face discussions, charismatic people may be regarded as more attractive. A person’s financial success, social prestige, and intelligence can also change other people’s aesthetic perception of them and sometimes eliminate physical-based beauty standards.

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