What are the high-end glitter brands in the world

What are the high-end glitter brands in the world ?

Galglitter.com is a professional manufacturer engaged in R & D and innovation. As one of many  product lines, it enjoys high recognition in the market.

Galglitter has been committed to designing more beautiful products. Galglitter thick is resistant to high temperatures. Galglitter has more than 260 colours and 30 specifications to choose from. High-quality service is definitely what galglitter provides for customers.


We are a supplier and manufacturer of glitter powder. The glitter powder material is an environmentally friendly material and is harmless to the human body. Solvent resistance, high-temperature resistance. More than 260 colours and a variety of colours are available. REACH certificate: MSD, SGS, ISO9100.

Galglitte.com mission: to produce reliable products at competitive prices. Make an offer! Click here to see the company “glitter sequins”

About GalGlitter Factory

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GalGlitter® Co.,LTD are willing to support more online and offline clients who have their brands to win market recognition. Providing undergoes a rigorous QC, guaranteeing each high-quality product, ensuring that galglitter.com products stand out from the competition in today’s ever-changing retail markets and the Internet.
With dozens of professional technology and design teams in this industry, it enables us to meet our customers' needs better.
We can be more precise in what we offer and produce Cosmetic-Grade Powder with its own unique personality.
Our workers form the backbone of our workforce. Each of our employees is professionally trained and managed.
Our workers, together with our management team, are rich in experience and skills and committed to producing the best High-quality cosmetic powder for our valued clients.
Through years of hard work in the industry, we have established a firm relationship with Customers from all over the world.
Our Cosmetic powder is Nail polish, eye shadow, and cosmetic industries and is deeply praised by our customers.
Here at GalGlitter, we supply a wide range of Color effect solutions to our clients. We have established a strict standard for our Cosmetic powder production involving selecting the best materials, strict Quality Control, and suitable Color Effect solutions for our client's application.
With excellent quality, stable performance, and competitive price, the company's products are deeply praised and trusted by global customers.
COVID-19 Let Us Rethink Our Business, Internet +, Win-win, Honest, and Trustworthy ‘are has become galglitter.com’s new enterprise concept.