What are the materials used to produce Glitter

What are the materials used to produce Glitter?

When we use glitter do we wonder where the production of glitter comes from? Shared by galglitter.

Introduction of high temperature resistant and environmental friendly PETGlitter Powder special material

PET release film is a material commonly used in thermal transfer printing, the substrate is PET, coated with silicone oil, so it is also called silicone oil film. It is available in thicknesses from 25um to 150um, with cold and hot tear and matte surfaces, and is treated with antistatic and anti-scratch treatment.

PET Release Film for Glitter Powder

PET release film, also called PET silicone oil film, is coated with a layer of silicone oil on the surface of PET film to reduce the adhesion of the PET film surface and achieve the effect of release. It can be divided into single-sided release film and double-sided release film. According to the release force, it can be divided into light release film, medium release film and heavy release film. Commonly used thicknesses are.

0.012mm, 0.019mm, 0.025mm, 0.038mm, 0.05mm, 0.075mm, 0.mm, 0.125mm, 0.188mm, PET release film manufacturers are equipped with large slitting and slicing machines to slit and slice the film according to your specifications. widely used in packaging, printing, screen printing, pad printing, nameplate, membrane switch, flexible circuit, insulation products, circuit board, laser anti-counterfeiting, lamination, electronics, sealing materials, reflective materials, waterproof materials, medicine (ointment paper), sanitary paper, adhesive products, die-cutting and punching processing and other industry fields.

Glitter Powder Release Film

Glitter Powder PET release film is a commonly used material for thermal transfer printing. The substrate is PET, which is coated with silicone oil, so it is also called silicone oil film. The thickness of the film is from 12um to 100um, and it is available in hot and cold tear and matte surfaces, with antistatic and anti-scratch treatment, and has good adsorption and adhesion. PET transfer film this kind of transfer film is characterized by high tensile strength, good thermal stability, low thermal shrinkage, flat and smooth surface, good peelability, and can be used repeatedly. It is mainly used as a carrier for vacuum aluminizing. That is after the PET film is aluminized in the aluminizing vacuum machine, it is coated with adhesive and laminated with paper, and then the PET film is peeled off, and the aluminium molecular layer is transferred to the surface of the cardboard through the adhesive effect, forming the so-called aluminized cardboard. The production process of aluminized cardboard is PET base film, a release layer, a colour layer → aluminized layer, a glueing layer a transfer to the cardboard.

PET glossy film

Glitter Powder special PET glossy film has excellent physical and mechanical properties compared to the ordinary polyester film but also has excellent optical properties, such as good transparency, low haze and high gloss. It is mainly used for high-grade vacuum diamond plating products, and the film is mirrored after diamond plating, which has a good packaging decoration effect; it can also be used for laser anti-counterfeiting base film, etc. High gloss BOPET sea film has a large market capacity, high added value and obvious economic benefits.

PET Transfer Film

The transfer film is also known as thermal transfer film. This transfer film is characterized by high tensile strength, good thermal stability, low thermal shrinkage, smooth and glossy surface, and good peelability and can be used repeatedly. Vacuum aluminized cardboard is a kind of cardboard with a metallic lustre, which is a kind of advanced novel packaging material developed in recent years. This kind of aluminized cardboard has bright colour, strong metallic sense, and bright and elegant printing, which can replace the large area of printed materials with hot stamping and play a role in the beautification of goods. Because it adopts the method of vacuum aluminizing, the surface of the cardboard is only covered with a thin and tightly shiny layer of 0.25um-0.3um aluminium, which is only five per cent of the aluminium foil layer of the laminated aluminium cardboard, so that it has both a noble and beautiful metallic texture, but also has degradable and recyclable environmental attributes, and is a green packaging material.

PET Reflective Film

Glitter Powder special PET reflective film is characterized by excellent optical properties, flat and smooth surface, good thermal stability, low shrinkage rate and light ageing resistance. There are two kinds of reflective materials used in traffic facilities: lenticular type directional reflective film and flat top type reflective film, both of which use aluminized PET film as a reflective layer, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and then a number of glass beads with the refractive index of 1.9 are adhered to the PET aluminized film, followed by a spraying layer of acetal surface protection layer. It can be used for billboards, reflective traffic signs (reflective road signs, reflective barriers, reflective number plates), reflective police uniforms, industrial safety signs, etc.

Chemically Coated Film

In order to improve the surface properties of PET films to improve the adaptability of printing and the bonding force of the aluminizing vacuum layer, corona treatment is usually used to improve the surface tension of films. However, the corona method has problems such as timeliness, especially in high temperature and high humidity environments, and the tension of corona-treated films can easily decay. However, the chemical coating method does not have such problems, so it is favoured by the printing and aluminizing industries. At present, a series of PET chemical coating products have been developed in China: for example, coating with water-soluble polymers can improve the surface tension of PET films; coating with acrylate emulsions can improve the adaptability of printing (water-soluble inks can be used); coating with aqueous polyurethane solutions can strengthen the bond between the aluminized layer and PET base film and increase the thickness of the aluminized layer. In addition, the coating method can also be used to produce high barrier film and antistatic film, etc.

PET antistatic film

Today’s world has entered the information age, and various frequencies and wavelengths of electromagnetic waves fill the whole earth space; these electromagnetic waves will produce different degrees of interference to unshielded sensitive electronic components, circuit boards, communication equipment, etc., causing data distortion and communication disorder. And electromagnetic induction and friction generated by static electricity on various sensitive components, instruments, certain chemical products, etc., such as the accumulation of electrostatic discharge due to packaging film, the consequences will be devastating, so the development of antistatic PET packaging film is also very important. The feature of the antistatic film is that by adding some kind of antistatic agent to PET film, a very thin conductive layer is formed on the surface of the film, and a continuous phase is formed to improve the surface conductivity so that the generated charge can be leaked as soon as possible. The surface specific resistance of the antistatic film is generally required to be ≤ 109~11 Ohm.

PET Heat Seal Film

PET film is a crystalline polymer; after stretching and orientation, PET film will produce a large degree of crystallization, such as its heat sealing, it will produce shrinkage deformation, so the ordinary PET film does not have heat-sealing performance. To a certain extent, the application of BOPET film is limited. In order to solve the heat sealing problem, a three-layer co-extruded heat-sealable PET film has been developed by modifying PET resin and adopting a three-layer A/B/C die structure. Heat-sealable PET films can be widely used in the fields of packaging and card protection films for various products.


PET Heat Shrink Film

Polyester heat shrink film is a new type of heat shrink packaging material. Because it is easy to recycle, non-toxic, tasteless, and has good mechanical properties, especially in line with environmental protection, polyester (PET) has become an ideal substitute for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) heat shrink film in developed countries. However, ordinary polyester is a crystalline polymer, and ordinary PET film can only obtain a heat shrinkage rate of less than 30% after a special process. To obtain polyester films with higher heat shrinkage, they must also be modified. In other words, in order to prepare polyester films with high heat shrinkage, copolymerization modification of common polyester, i.e. polyethene terephthalate, is required. The maximum heat shrinkage of copolymer-modified PET films can be up to 70% or more. Characteristics of the heat-shrinkable polyester film: it is stable at room temperature, shrinks when heated (above glass transition temperature), and is subject to more than 70% heat shrinkage in one direction.

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