What are the raw materials used to make Glitter

What are the raw materials used to make Glitter Powder?

We all appreciate the beauty of Glitter Powder, but what are the raw materials of Glitter Powder? Shared by galglitter.com

The raw material for making Glitter Powder is the rainbow film.

The rainbow film is completely different from the coloured plastic films we commonly use, and it is a plastic composite film which is made by melting and extruding two or more different refractive index resins and iterating up to 100 layers in sequence, the thickness of each layer is only a few hundred nanometers, that is, the thickness of each layer is equivalent to the wavelength of the light to be reflected, the thickness of more than 200 layers of the film is 0.02mm. When visible light passes through the interface of each layer, it produces weak reflection and interference. If we make more than 100 layers of film, the thickness of each layer is basically the same, and the wavelength of light reflected from each layer is the same, resulting in superposition and positive interference, which makes the composite film present a colourful rainbow effect.

Introduction of Rainbow Film


The rainbow film is a stretching material; the product technology was introduced to Taiwan in the late 1980s and began to be promoted to the mainland. 2005, the domestic, independent production of rainbow film products.

The imported rainbow film is produced by a biaxial stretching machine, the product is more uniform and stronger, but the imported product is currently sold at about 150 RMB per kilogram. The domestic ordinary rainbow film sold for about 35 yuan / KG, the gap between the two is huge. Shantou Guan Sheng Plastics Co., Ltd. developed the domestic 36u biaxial stretch rainbow film products, performance is very close to imported products, but the price is less than half of the imported products.

Rainbow film thickness between 16u-36u, the main colour system

Including red background green, blue background gold, blue background violet three series of products. The rainbow film is a multi-layer film. It fully utilizes the principle of light interference. Under the light irradiation, the refraction and interference between the layers of the generation of multi-angle layer colour change, as the sky rainbow effect. The magic effect of the rainbow film is that different distances, different angles of the rainbow film substrate itself rich light effect will present a completely different illusion effect.

Rainbow Film Applications

The rainbow film is also known as colourful film, dazzling film, illusionary film, laser rainbow film, etc. The rainbow film can be used as a single layer packaging alone or can be laminated with a variety of materials to apply.

1. glitter powder, gold and silver wire industry, after using rainbow film laminated PET film, it can be coated and printed, creating a new colourful illusion effect, processed into gold and silver wire or glitter powder. Products are mainly used in the cosmetic industry, clothing printing industry, ribbon, etc.

2. paper products industry: rainbow film composite coated paper or white cardboard can be used alone in gift box packaging, or composite moulding of rainbow film and then deep processing can be applied to anti-counterfeit packaging, cosmetics or gift outer packaging.

3. food packaging industry: the rainbow film is mainly used in fruit candy twist packaging and decorative packaging of craft candies. Using rainbow film effect and transparent characteristics can make the packaged candy and the rainbow film itself one, with excellent visual effects.

4. plastic industry: rainbow film can be compounded with a variety of rigid panels for furniture decoration, wall corners or glass curtain wall decoration, enriching the colour of architecture and home.

5. fabric industry: rainbow film and non-woven fabric composite to make beautiful environmental protection shopping bags or with curtain fabric composite to make bright colours with illusion effect curtains and hanging decorations.

In addition, the single-layer rainbow film can also be used as flower packaging or applied to craft gift outer packaging. The rainbow film can also be crushed into snowflake shapes for Christmas craft trees and Christmas gifts.


The rainbow film is a stretch product material that is brittle, so the use of the process needs to be the main process and machine performance adjustment, start the machine tension is turned down. Rainbow film production and processing process should pay attention to the following issues:

1. rainbow film is very easy to produce stretch. In the printing and lamination process, the rainbow film is generally used as the base film and not as the outer film.

2. Rainbow film has low-temperature resistance, so the temperature should not exceed 80°C when processing hot stamping or high-temperature coating. Otherwise, it will produce wrinkling, shrinkage or breakage.

3. Rainbow film should not be exposed to strong alkali-resistant products, or it will lead to product fading or even shrinkage into clumps.

The rainbow film has been promoted and applied for 20 years, and the main development trend in the future will be to step to a new and higher level, with higher strength and more colour variations to open up new application areas.

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Galglitter.com’s Glitter Powder is made of PET or aluminized colour film or aluminium material, PET is treated to resist general chemical solvents and high temperature, and the temperature can reach 180-200.

The company produces Glitter Powder in quadrangular, hexagonal, prismatic, rectangular, irregular, etc. The shapes of the sequins are pentagram, heart, moon, circle, plum, triangle, V, O, etc. The specifications are complete, and there are many varieties.

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The main colour series of Glitter Powder is laser silver series, laser gold series, laser colour series, silver, gold, colour series, rainbow series, illusion series, fluorescent illusion series, solvent resistant series, aluminium series, rich and stable colours, and can be customized by colour samples.

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