What are the requirements to operate Nail salon

What are the requirements to operate Nail salon?

If you have a suitable location and an experienced professional manicurist, you can choose to open your Nail salon. Galglitter.com to share.

There are also many investors who choose to join the way to open a nail salon, which is also a very smart way. Joining the nail art chain of well-known brands can not only save a lot of time and energy but also greatly reduce investment risks.


Well-functioning nail art chain organizations often have many years of the nail art training and management experience, as well as high-level nail art teachers and management talents. Advanced professional technology and rich experience in store management will assist you from the preparatory work before the opening to normal operation and will provide follow-up technical support and marketing, publicity and other services to help investors solve the problems encountered in operation.

Of course, choosing to join is a matter that needs to be very cautious. You can’t just look at the advertisement and make a decision rashly. One must fully examine the qualifications and experience of chain organizations and their status in the industry. At present, the joining brands in the domestic nail art market can be said to be a mixture of good and bad. Many companies that do not have professional nail art qualifications, chain operation licenses or companies that only act as agents for nail art products also attract investment under the banner of joining, causing many investors to suffer losses.

Therefore, investors must keep their eyes open and understand the industry information and the background, strength and current operating conditions of the franchise chain you want to choose. It is best to be able to make on-the-spot visits and have a detailed understanding of the joining policy and overall service level in person. Choose a good start for your beautiful career.

Nail salon management tips

Current problems in the operation of nail salons

(I)The first major difficulty in: Too many competitors and funding problems

The most annoying problem for nail salon operators is the excessive number of nail salons. Competition with each other is fierce. There is a nail salon in every 300 households. According to the survey, more than 90% of manicurists in the nail art industry want to be independent. Once the time is ripe, they will find their own shops and operate independently. The second most serious difficulty: is higher expenditure. In particular, some consumer goods, as well as personnel expenses, customer enjoyment of goods and so on. General proportion in expenditure items Proportion of materials 10% General management expenses 35% personnel expenses 40% operator income 15%.

(II) unstable turnover. Service industries are often affected by seasons, climate and other factors.

The turnover of nail salons fluctuates greatly throughout the year, and its changes show the same tendency every year. The difference between the better months and the worse months is obvious. The instability of turnover is inversely related to the size of the nail salon. As the nail salon continues to expand, if there is no plan to operate, it will cause drastic changes in turnover.

(III)Geographical conditions will also make it more difficult to operate due to changes in the geographical environment.

If more apartments are added around the nail salon, the population mobility will increase, and the source of customers will become unstable; if there are many vehicles passing by in front of the nail salon, customers will gradually alienate the nail salon. If the geographical conditions change obviously, it is very important to formulate corresponding countermeasures.

Other problems in the operation of nail salons:

Shortage of workforce, higher operating expenses, higher personnel costs, capital turnover difficulties, higher decoration costs, etc.

Business solutions:

Establish a standard customer service process (rigorous, scientific, and highly operable)

1. Absolutely satisfy the first image of customers. Therefore, the decoration and layout in the store should strive to be warm, comfortable and self-characteristic. Ornaments must be neat and elegant. The manicurist dresses uniformly and has the personality of the hospital, and is in harmony with the decoration in the store.

2. The art of reception cannot be ignored. After customers enter the door, they should take the initiative to greet them warmly, keep a low profile, greet customers with professional etiquette and terminology, and pour tea to guide their seats. Customers should feel that the manicurist is cultivated, temperamental and professional.

3. Careful observation is the beginning of successful communication. Usually, attention should be paid to cultivating one’s own observation ability. Customers with different shapes and postures can understand their needs and psychology in different categories. When welcoming customers, through observation and analysis, use appropriate and appropriate language to ask customers how they learned about the nail salon and express their gratitude. To understand what kind of manicures customers have done, which products have been used, and carefully register to show your preciseness in doing things and enhance customer trust.

4. Professional consultation and diagnosis process greatly increase customer confidence. Invite customers to the nail consultation room for skin testing, combine their own practical experience, help customers check and analyze skin conditions, fill in nail consultation cards, and discuss with customers some matters needing attention in skin maintenance. According to all the skin problems of customers, professional treatment design is carried out, and professional suggestions, including diet, daily life, daily care and so on, are put forward.

The manicurist not only conducts scientific analysis for customers in theory but also introduces some maintenance details in daily life to customers, and it is sincere and reasonable to say so that customers can safely hand over their skin to you and enhance their confidence in the manicurist. When introducing the products, you suggest for customers and nail art maintenance steps, clearly explain the nursing effect that can be achieved and solicit their opinions (if the time of the day is not convenient, you can keep the customer information, send the product information to him, and ask him again when he is free).

5. The whole process of perfect service When the customer is willing to accept the service, the manicure adapts to instruct the assistant to be prepared, and personally or send the assistant to place the personal belongings on behalf of the customer so that the customer can eliminate the worries and enjoy the manicure service at ease. Please lie on the nail sofa, adjust the brightness of the light and the volume of the music, and ask whether the quilt covered and the lying posture are comfortable.

Do a good job of cleaning and disinfection in front of customers, strictly abide by the hygiene principle of starting from a basin of clean water, and explain each nursing procedure to customers to enhance the professional image of the nail salon. During the service process, chat with the customer according to the customer’s psychology and physical condition of the day, and the speaking volume should be appropriate. Chatting in a relaxed and comfortable environment and mood can further deepen mutual understanding and integrate the relationship between nail salons and customers.

In operation, you should pay close attention to the customer’s reaction at any time, adjust the topic at the right time, and ask the customer how he feels about himself and the hospital to see if he has any comments. When the customer is very tired, the manicurist can say: please have a good rest today and so on, don’t ramble; When the customer looks haggard, the manicurist should deal with it as quickly as possible. When the customer is highly nervous, the manicurist can speed up the treatment.

After the nursing, use a mirror to show the effect to the customer and help the customer tidy up their nails. Every move should reflect your meticulous and professional standards. Sincerely praise the customer: you are very beautiful, your clothes are very suitable, your temperament is very good, you choose clothes very discerning.

6. The work after the service is especially important. Please invite customers to the lounge for tea and hand over a manicure shop project and product introduction manual. Customers should carefully answer their questions when reading or directly lead the customers to the information desk for further communication. When the guest leaves, remind him whether he has brought all his belongings and can give exquisite small gifts appropriately and send them to the door. I hope he will come next time with a sincere attitude and sincere words.

Carefully do a good job in filing customer data, take the initiative to contact customers a few days later, understand the situation and make the next service appointment, establish friendships, move customers with practical actions, and retain customers’ hearts.

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