What colour of nail polish looks good in winter

What colour of nail polish looks good in winter? Nail art knowledge

Nail art is a trendy and loved thing in our modern life. Many friends who love beauty often change nail art styles, and others also change nail art colours according to seasons. So what colour of nail polish looks good in winter? galglitter.com shares nail art tips.

What colour nail polish looks good in winter

1. In winter, you can choose to use some cold colour nail polish to decorate your nails, which is more suitable for winter than those too bright colours, and the use of cold colour nail polish can highlight the clean state in winter.

2. The light will be dim in winter, so it is best to choose some brighter nail polish when choosing nail polish.

3. According to clothing and makeup. In general, MM people prefer to wear more colourful clothes in winter, and it is more suitable to match the cold colour of nail polish. If you wear light-coloured or white clothing in winter, you can choose a brighter nail polish, but pay special attention to the relationship between colours.

White: White is the purest colour, which is rarely liked by MM, but you can try white this winter. In fact, the effect after loading is extraordinary, which matches the seasonal environment in winter. However, if your skin colour is darker, it is still recommended not to use it.

Silver: MM with black skin colour can choose silver, be careful not to use light colour or bright powder. Silver is also a cold colour that is very suitable for winter use.

Fruit green: If you think white or silver is too simple and too cold, you can also try fruit green, which is close to dark green. This hard colour nail polish is also more suitable for winter. Cold but not cold will give a person a calm and noble feeling.


How to maintain the manicure

1. If there is really no way to do housework, then wear a suit, mainly wash clothes and all kinds of dishes.

2, do not contact irritating liquid. All kinds of acidic, alkaline solutions do not touch.

3. Hard objects such as bottle caps cannot be opened with prepared nail art, which will damage the nail edge and make nails easy to bend.

4. You can’t use your nails to scratch the wall or scrape some things. This will not only make your nails grow bacteria but also stain your nails.

Manicure red pattern suitable for winter

What kind of manicures is suitable for winter? Perhaps some people will say that they choose according to their skin colour. They are right, but they also have to keep up with the trend. The manicure of this colour is gorgeous in winter!

What happens to the long-term use of nail polish

There are two parts of the human body that are composed of 100% keratin, one is fingernails, and the other is hair. Nails and hair are insoluble in water and have no vital features. They are just a protective structure of the human body. When the nail polish is applied, once the nail polish is dried, the organic solvent used to blend the pigment is basically volatilized. A small part of the residue is also challenging to corrode nails because organic solvents are difficult to dissolve protein, so it basically does not corrode nails.

However, long-term application of nail polish will cause damage to nails. “The really harmful substances in nail polish are the ingredients that chemically react with the nails. They change the natural ingredients of the nails and allow the colour to adhere to them.”Experts said that in addition, the nail polish would cause damage to the nails, and some people use the hand of the nail polish to hold high oil food, causing the nail polish ingredients to dissolve in the food, into the body, will also have an impact on the body.

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